Another Christian Artist Who Doesn't See Herself As A Christian Artist.

Good Saturday morning online congregation, recording artist, Lauren Daigle,(You Can Read About Her  Here) is once again coming under scrutiny by the Christian community for not calling herself a “Christian artist”. It has been a long series of events that have put her in a broader spotlight recently. She appeared on the Ellen Show months ago. She was condemned for that as Ellen is openly gay. She was then interviewed and didn’t give a very concise and clear answer on her beliefs regarding homosexuality. That also didn’t make the Christian community very happy.
My take on Lauren Daigle, is this, I don’t care if she doesn’t identify as a “Christian artist.” Other Christian recording artists like Lecrae, and Mali Music has been scrutinize for the exact same thing, from the Christian Community.  I’m ok if she wants to see herself as an artist who is a Christian.  I think her actions are in response to the way Christians have treated her recently following some remarks she made. Even though I might not have said the exact same things she said, I can’t say that I blame her for wanting to distance herself from people who have treated her the way they have.
Drop down in the comment section and tell me what you all think.


  1. She called herself a "christian" artist in the beginning. Nobody forced her to claim that label. She should have known what that label entailed going in.

    So now because Christians "judge" her because of some of the decisions she made i.e. going on Ellen and saying out of her own mouth "she can't say homosexuality is a sin", she takes the attitude that "Christians" are mean and unloving people, and she wants now to identify as an "artist" who is "christian" is LUDICROUS!!! A real Christian is not double minded in his ways.

    She and artists like Lacrae are LAUGHABLE!!! I said a while back when folks complained white evangelicals didnt support Lacrae their attempt to make this a race issue, that black folks wouldnt support him either. You pretty much hear a peep from Lacrae especially in the "christian" circle. My prediction is this lady will fade away just like Lacrae and many others who started out labeling THEMSELVES as "christian" artists and afterwards pouting and kicking with snot running down their noses whining "I don't want to be a Christian artist anymore".


    1. *** identify as an "artist" who is NOT "christian" is LUDICROUS!!!

  2. Its amazing how folks talk about how mean and unloving the Christian Community can be,but yet say nothing about those who attack folks who are CHRISTIANS. I was listening to Ken Ham talking about all the nasty comments and even death threats he receive from people on social media because of his belief against evolution. No one says a word about these folks who spew vile, mean and filthy venom against him. You even have one IDIOT HERE (EXPOSED) WHO have said on more than one occasion that Christian's to be thrown to the lions may not be a bad thing, and any one word was said to counter.

    But as soon as a Cheustian judge Lecrae, Amy Grant or this woman here, all hell breaks loose. Its amazing the Lord real the hearts of men. It's more amazing the Lord's promise we who are his real saints treated with such hypocrisy and that we can still "LAUGH" with joy knowing they did the same thing to Him. He who suffers with Christ, will reign with HIM! If the hated Him, they will hate you as well. To all God's real saints (not the fake and the fraud), be encouraged, and continue to scrutinize and judge the evil deeds of artists who dont want to be called "christian", even though no one forced them to take the label in the first place.

    1. *** and NOT one word was said to counter.
      ***Its amazing the Lord REVEALS...

  3. The Word of God be either Hot or Cold...To be Lukewarm God will SPIT you out !!!
    TO COMPROMISE AS DAIGLE AND MANY OTHERS HAVE.. either for lust of the world...pride of life ...or the lust of eye....Brings DECEPTION...and MIXTURE. Daigle and Lentz when asked if HOMOSEXUALITY is a sin...SHOULD have answered plain and simple as God's Word says...Yes it is a sin in the eyes of God but God still loves the sinner...Plain and Simple but TRUTH!!!!
    To many artists are taking out kids to Hell with them and their compromising stance!!!!

  4. (I will start off that this particular singer doesn’t really sing Christian music anyway, but let me address the issue at hand)

    Most artist (particularly singers) rely on advertisements, reputation and persona to get people to listen to their music.

    If an artist calls themselves a “Christian artist”, automatically they have lost the audience of some people who practice other religions and no religions. If they don’t have a problem with selling and performing for strictly Christians it’s not an issue.

    However, if they wanted to use their music as a way to spread the gospel, then being called a Christian artist may stop non-Christians from even hearing their message of Christ through music.

    I think it’s fine to be Called an artist WHO HAPPENS to be Christian. As opposed to a Christian artist.
    In most other profession this is not a issue.
    (EX: Did you hire a Christian Plumber, or a plumber who happens to be a Christian).

    I don’t think either is wrong or sinful. It depends on who the artist wants minister to through song.

    Just my opinion. I could be wrong.

    1. Why would you say she doesn't sing Christian music?

  5. Her music is definitely Christian. And we need to leave her Alone before we turn her against Christians. Why all the hating Christians.

    1. Turn her against Christian's? How is that going to happen? Is she going to stop believing in God because what others say about her being on Ellen talking crazy? Is she going to start going to night clubs, drinking, and having sex with men and women? Is she going to start taking drugs and living loose, stealing to support her habit, all.because Christians tell their TRUTH about her? So we blaming the Christian, an she gets all your sympathy? Think about what you are saying!

  6. I know many take the notion the Bible is an old antiquated out-of-date book. I for one will never take that view. When it comes to the issue of music as with the case here, the Bible never ever speaks to the issue as to whether one should identify as "an artist who is Christian" or a "christian artist". The pure word of God is simple and states we should admonish one another with hymns, psalms and spiritual songs. And even though folks like LaCrae and this woman here are popular and known, there are many of God's children who cherish in God's command to produce and sing according to His words - hymns, psalms and spiritual songs. These saints use their gifts to edify God's people and are not so much in the limelight debating whether they are artists or christians.

    It's well known that Fanny Crosby wrote over 5000 hymns after she became a Christian. Compare that with say Tasha Cobb or CC Winans combined.

    So when I think about this woman and our black gospel entertainers, and all the controversies, Christian artist or artist who is Christian, Sapp and R Kelly, Tasha and Nicky Minage, Kirk Franklin and losing his religion, I can only conclude that these folks are not living by the precepts of the commandments of God.

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