Was Bishop George Bloomer Paid To Make Such A Damaging Statement Against Vicki Yohe???

Good Thursday morning online congregation, the Vicki Yohe and David E. Taylor saga continue. Looks like Gospel singer Vicki Yohe, who has made racially insensitive posts in the past, got took by apostle/prophet “I’ve seen Jesus face to face” David E. Taylor are fighting it out in the public square.  Vicki was on the Larry Reid live program yesterday afternoon spilling all kind of tea about her relationship with Taylor.  Anyhow, I’m not feeling this statement from Bishop George Bloomer at all. Even though  I'm not a fan nor follower of Vicki Yohe I don't believe she is on drugs like they are trying to portray her as being. In my opinion, it's nothing but a lie and a distraction to move the attention away from Taylor, I don’t believe this mess at all!!


  1. YUP. If anyone should know about going drugs, it should be big old "cocaine boy" Bloomer!.

  2. I saw on FB Last evening, 12/26/18, that Vickie Yohe posted she contacted George Bloomer and Bloomer said he did NOT make this statement or this post and it was not on Bloomer's page. Yohe said Bloomer indicated he would contact David Taylor and tell them to remove it. On 12/17/18 the post was nowhere to be found. Bloomer did not do this.

    This means that the David Taylor (Michelle?) camp manufactured this bogus post to try to destroy the reputation of Vicki Yohe (as if she needs help destroying herself). Yohe has exposed David Taylor's perversion and his immoral ways and Taylor and his followers are trying to spin the truth into a lie, but it won't work. The truth is out. The truth shall make you free. Maybe Taylor should just fess up and say, "I am the man" and move on. Christians are forgiving people, but when a person continues to lie and deny, they are wasting the grace that would have been extended to them and digging themselves further into a hole.

    David Taylor and Victor Couzins are alike in several ways: BIG egos and feel they are THE mouthpiece of God, running multiple women, like nude pictures/videos and perversion and they attack truth tellers. David Taylor likes to take people's money, but he is too cheap to pay the air fare or uber fare for the side piece he was having sex with. And he never even bought her a gift or took her in public. David, you cheap!! And you little too!! You KNOW what I mean.

    At least Victor Couzins lavished the churches money on his women. When I saw the video of drunk Victor Couzins talking about f,,,ing THEM again, it was clear to me he had just participated in a ménage a trois.

    Just think, these two immoral people lay hands on people and say they represent God. SMH

    1. *On 12/27/18 the post was nowhere to be found.

  3. I saw were George Bloomer was named by David Taylor's loyalists in a public broadcast the other night. Chin Kim and Michelle Brannon along with two others stood by their so-called Apostle. Regardless of What has been said, alleged "Prophetess" Michelle Brannon spearheaded the free flow of accusations about Vicki Yohe. At the end they sealed it with a kiss by alleging so-called Bishop George Bloomer witnessed Yohe's erratic behavior, and was suspicious of drug abuse. Well, Bloomer is standing by Taylor as well as we can see from the statement above. THE WORD NETWORK SHOULD PULL BOTH BLOOMER AND TAYLOR'S AIRTIME. YES! THE WORD NETWORK ABSOLUTELY SHOULD CANCEL THEIR SHOWS.

  4. In my opinion, he should just stay out of it because he is not the foremost mind on drug addiction just because he himself was an addict. Secondly if you don’t have recipes not a conversation between a friend that you would already be biased concerning them and yours friendship be quiet Bloomer.

  5. If you want to hear the inside story from someone who is an eyewitness and worked closely with David E. Taylor, go to YouTube:

    FALSE APOSTLE DAVID E. TAYLOR there are at least 6 videos by LARRY LUNCEFORD. Lunceford worked in the ministry with Taylor in St. Louis, MO. He tells of the manipulation, adultery, watching pornography in church, sex in the church right after preaching, sex in cars and more. I also saw a video where Taylor's Dad says David carries "spirits" such as Royal Crown in a briefcase. Dad put him on blast right in front of the church. You can't make this stuff up.

  6. "Think carefully before you lay your hands on anyone to make him an elder. Don't share in the sins of others. Keep yourself pure." 1 Timothy 5:22 (ERV)

  7. Anybody that promotes, follows or agrees with David Taylor can NOT be trusted with the truth and is unable to discern Christianity from FOOLISHNESS.

    From God CLOUD formations,
    To Face to face Jesus visits,
    And his inability to answer some BASIC questions about HIS CHURCH.

    David is a circus clown that travels the country putting on a show for profit.

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