The Jehovah's Witness Religion Broke Up Sherri Shepherd Family!!!

Online congregation Sherri Shepherd appeared as a guest on “Journeys of Faith” a podcast by ABC News correspondent Paula Farish. Shepherd revealed that as a young girl she was forced to stop talking to her father whom she had a strong bond with when she was punished by the Jehovah’s Witness Church for committing a sin and her father then questioned the church leaders about their protocol and policies. Some people are born into religions and just follow and join because of family traditions. This is very dangerous if you have never actually researched the religion yourself. Satan is the leader of all false religions and he created the Jehovah Witness cult. Her father was then disfellowshipped, a practice in which church leaders shun or ostracize a member until the feel they are capable of repenting. Shepherd shares she witnessed the emotional battle her father experienced during that time:


  1. I understand many leave these false religions. My question is where do they then go?

    1. Ms. Ann I'm sorry, any religion that encourages you to stop speaking to your parents or family is not of the true and living God! The Bible says to honor your parents. Come on people, read the Word of God for yourself. We are in the last days when false preachers, prophets, religions, denominations abound. Follow Jesus, not man (i.e., Preachers)! Study to show thyself approved; then if it doesn't line up with Jesus, exit quick! Yes I said it!

  2. I watched Leah Remini and Mike Rinder talk to ex-Jehovah's Witnesses who were excommunicated because they committed "sins" and also were not good J.W. They will excommunicate anyone who is not a good J.W. including a family member who has turned their backs on her. Why? Because she is not a good J.W. My uncle is a minister with them. I have not spoken or seen that side of my family for years.


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