Stop It Pastor Joel Osteen Would Not Be Reselling His Own Tickets On A Ticket Resellers Websites.

Online congregation in the last couple of days similar graphs like the one above along with post after post comes across my feed daily showing tickets to Pastor Joel Osteen February gathering in Florida selling at over 5000.00 per seat, there were also screenshots and links. Some folks did not believe that this was true and posted links to ticket master showing the seats were 15.00 and that this cost does not even go to Pastor Joel, but is used for overhead and the like. At first, I too was fooled by this, that's before I did my on research by going to the different links, and checking the prices for the seats that were over 5000.00. If you look closer at these websites like "Front Row, and StubHub, and Front Row these are all sites for those who already have purchased tickets, and are now trying to sell them at a PROFIT.
I'm not a fan of Joel Osteen teaching but posting from a ticket resale site in order to make him look dishonest, is wrong.  I really don't believe Pastor Joel Osteen would be doing such a thing as this. The moral of this post is do your research!!  


  1. Amen. The Lord says he will make merchandise of them. LOL...

  2. Hello. Could this be a scam?

    1. Yes it's a scam, not in any way defending Joel Osteen or his heretical doctrine, but those prices are not from the actual event planners. They appear to be prices set by scalpers who bought blocks of tickets - looking at the venue itself (BB&T) the tickets cost about $15 (but none of the really 'good' ones are left.) There are seats in Sec 133 for $15.

  3. Ms. Ann this is so sad that this became viral because it is fake news. His tickets are $15 and while there may be plenty of valid criticisms about his teaching, no one can say anything about his monetary integrity or generosity. From day one, Joel's events were free. After several years, he started charging $10 to cover the cost of the venue and to ensure that the folks who got tickets actually showed up (free stuff is easier to cancel).

    Now, nearly 20 yrs later, his tickets are $15 - and he does not and has never pimped anyone for an offering. The tickets to this event are $15, not $5000. The $5000 tix came from a resale site where anyone can sell their own purchased tickets at any price they choose. If you buy them directly from Ticketmaster or from the venue, they are $15.


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