Need A Prophetic Word For The New Year?

Good Saturday morning online congregation, do you need a prophetic word for the new year? If so join Dr. Bynum live for "The Prophetic Insight For 2019."


  1. Ms. Ann you're up mighty early! It's 4:50 a.m.

    I don't run after prophecy and am skeptical of those who always "have a word" for someone. Let's just stick with the Holy Bible. Some are so busy trying to figure out the unknown that they are ignoring or are willfully ignorant of what IS known. Read the Holy Bible and do what it tells you to do.

    How in the world could she have a word for everybody?

  2. For how much? Cause she don't share the word of God for free.

  3. Some call her a vessel of God.

    I call her a VESSEL OF CRAZY.

    Juanita is buckets of crazy that's spills over to her devoted followers who can't seem to see through this woman's desire to hide her craziness behind her strong desire for fame.

    I could list her many crazy behaviors and statements, but I don't have that kind of time.

    It seems that no one in her inner circle has ever confronted her about her abnormal behaviors, and other ministers (Jamal "baby daddy" Bryant being one) continue to foster her craziness by giving her a platform to reach the masses.

    Maybe at one time she may have had a true heart for the people of God, but over the last decade or more she has gone off the rails.

  4. But I will say that the Juanita Bynum I see TODAY is CRAY CRAY!!!

    I fail to see how her outlandish behavior,

    frequent disagreements and breakups with business partners,

    Her bragging about her EASILY VERIFIABLE FAKE DEGREES

    And her attention seeking behavior add up to some spiritual leader we should follow.

    I still contend that Juanita has a mental illness that her friends and peers refuse to acknowledge.

    She is a fake in every aspect of her career.

    Any church (even T.D. JAKES) that’s willing to put her on as a headliner is showing a serious lack of discernment.

    And as always
    She is NOT, and has never been A DOCTOR.

  5. The first question anyone with a brain should ask is "what exactly is a prophetic word"? Instead the sheeple simply fall in line, heading to see the wolf who will bark her commands unto them. After it's all said and done, the sheeple will leave the sanctuary sheered, naked, hungry, and cold!


  6. New Year's, this is what they gone do ya'll. GET YOURS, I SEE YOUR BLESSING, PULL IT DOWN YA'LL, SAINT'S IT'S YOUR DESTINY TO PROSPER, YOUR DESTINY, FAVOR HARVEST PURPOSE BLESSING!!! YOU THE HEAD NOT THE TAIL SAINTS!!! GIVE GIVE GIVE SAINTS AND YOU GONE GET YO MILLIONS IN BLESSINGS SAINTS!!! Instead of getting in the Word and telling folks how to live and we are at the end times....

    1. Perfect response! These folks reminds me of the people who ate the Lord's bread and fish and immediately walked away.


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