Justice Is Served, Former Church Bishop Sentenced To 54-80 Years In Prison!

Online congregation a former church bishop arrested on more than a dozen sexual abuse charges involving a small child has been sentenced to 54 to 80 years in prison.  In September 2017, Bishop Corrie Vachan Lanier, 39, of Smithfield was arrested by detectives with the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office on 13 felony offenses. The crimes were committed against the child over a 3 year period ending in 2017. The age of the child was not disclosed. Following a recent jury trial, Lanier was found guilty of multiple counts of sex offense with a child and taking indecent liberties with a minor. After the jury convicted Lanier, Chief Resident Superior Court Judge Thomas Lock sentenced Lanier to a minimum of 54 to a maximum of 80 years in state prison. (


  1. This should serve as a lesson to all church members and staff.

    Regardless of a church leaders education, ability to preach and their title. They can be just as sinful as any one else.

    We should respect the church pastor but not worship him.
    Give him honor but not a free pass.
    Follow his leadership but not without accountability.

    And churches need to stop giving pastors excuses for their behavior and give them their walking papers when actions don’t line up with the Bible’s description of a leader.

    May the Lord have mercy on his soul and may he become TRULY SAVED.

  2. This dude was a fraud from the beginning.. I grew up in the upstate region with him and he was never called by God.. he was called be himself.. always trying to be a preacher since he was young cause he desired to be in the spotlight.. no anointing and no message with substance.. to call him a Bishop or pastor is downplaying the office.. dude has always been a whack job !!!


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