Black Baptist Groups Denounce White Liberals and Conservatives As Equally Problematic When It Comes To Race Issues!!

Good morning online congregation, according to Facebook commenter Colette Ficklin, this is either a clever or stupid attempt to purge the black church from democratic voting. The "conservative" church is MARRIED to the other side...calling it a vote for God's side. We got to wise up, I agree Colette.

 Representatives from two black Baptist denominations vowed Tuesday to forge their own paths apart from white liberals and conservatives as they seek to address the social and political issues they say are tearing the nation apart. Members of the Progressive National Baptist Convention (PBNC) and the National Baptist Convention USA held a news conference at the National Press Club in Washington to discuss the upcoming midterm elections and condemned the “politics of fear” they say has taken over this election season, Religious News Service reported.


  1. So what they denounce. What are they going to do? My answer is...NOTHING!

    1. They are going to confuse people so that the vote is split.

    2. And what do you expect? They are all BOULE - servants for the (white) king.


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