Hillsong Church Becomes It's Own Denomination!!

Online congregation, Brian Houston, global senior pastor of the popular Hillsong Church, has announced a split from Australia’s largest Pentecostal denomination to become a denomination of its own. If Hillsong has now become a denomination, you can just add them to the 33,000 other denominations already out there.  ( You Can Read It Here )

“as Hillsong Church has continued to grow, we no longer see ourselves as an Australian church with a global footprint, but rather a global church with an Australian base – our global office now resides in the USA”


  1. Another apostate church. The young people are flocking into their services. I was appalled when they did their version of Naked Cowboy at their Womans Conference. There's nothing new under the sun. What a joke!

  2. I always thought Hillsong was so out there to begin with, that they ALREADY had their own denomination.
    “Christian CRAZY”

    By the way, I was TRYING to forget about the Naked Cowboy. 🙈

  3. And not to mention, one of their prominent pastors, Carl Lentz. This minister drank a beer with Justin Beibers.

    "A friend with the world, is an enemy of God".


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