WNBA To Donate Tickets Sales To Women and Girls Empowerment Program!

In an announcement on Wednesday, the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) said it is rolling out a “new women and girls empowerment program” for the 2018 season — “Take a Seat, Take a Stand.” The program will direct a portion of WNBA ticket sales to non-profits that champion causes ranging from sexual assault prevention to women's health. ( You Can Read About It Here )

Take A Seat, Take A Stand is the league’s new women and girls empowerment program. It uses proceeds from WNBA tickets to do more than support the bottom line. When fans take a seat at a WNBA game, they also have the chance to support several organizations, including Bright Pink, GLSEN, It’s On Us, MENTOR, Planned Parenthood and the United State of Women. 


  1. Suffrage ended years ago and they are still pushing "empowerment for women". I'm now beginning to think this is more to make them "privileged", thanks to the feminist agenda.It's a reason people are not into the WNBA as evident by the low turnout at their games. They do not have the entertainment factor like men and their league will never be on par with the NBA, LaBron, Curry, Durant, even old heads like Jordan, Majic, Bird. They are just not as skilled and will never be. SORRY!And another thing, listen to the interview by Candice Wiggins who tells about how the WNBA is discriminatory against women who are heterosexual. According to Ms. Wiggins, the WNBA has engrained in their culture benefits and factors promoting the lesbian lifestyle, not just accepting it. These women are pawns by the system to advance feminism. I'll never take a seat. They however can have SEVERAL SEATS!

  2. I was told by a former WNBA Star and now hall of famer that 100% of the women are lesbian/bisexual or have been at some point of their life. Her exact words were “the entire league needs deliverance” and i definitely believe her.

    1. Wow! I’m just seeing that the lady who told me is actually in this picture...

    2. Who is she? Call names!

    3. "Be carful being lead by those who stand in need of deliverance, lest they lead YOU into BONDAGE"

    4. COGIC BROTHER you are 100% correct. Trust me, I love the sisters that ball, but to know my sister Candice Wiggins was harassed, you didn't hear ONE word from the metoo movement. And to top it off, the WNBA swept it under the rug. Candice is fine, yea I said it! LOL.. and I believe one of the lesbian players was literally trying to get with her and Candice was like, my sister I'm with the brothers. And Anonymous, yes we must pray for the ones that need deliverance but the sin needs to be called out, especially with what Candice went through. It sickens me how they totally ignore her and the story quietly went away. https://ftw.usatoday.com/2017/02/candice-wiggins-wnba-reaction


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