Why Do Some In The Black “Gospel” Music Industry Never Recover From A Downfall or Scandal?

Disclaimer: This is not an attack on either one of these gentlemen work, but I got questions? Why do some in the Black Gospel music industry never ever recover from a downfall or scandal, while others lose strength or momentum? Seriously, why are some allowed to move on while others are not? 

I love listening to Gospel/worship music that exalts God, proclaims the Good News of Jesus Christ, and ministers to my soul. In my opinion, the church has always in most cases sweep things under the rug, by letting some who commit scandals live and other to die. 

What I mean by that, a couple of years ago an explicit video clip showing up-and-coming gospel artist   Kevin Terry(the one on the end)doing things with his mouth that the church would not approve of was leaked online. Terry at that time lead the singing group “Kevin Terry and Predestined,” was allegedly videotaped performing oral sex on another man, and the video footage, which was originally posted all over the Internet for weeks, getting a lot of buzz, before being taken down, along with Terry career. Kevin Terry has not recovered from that.

Gospel singer James Fortune and Gospel/pastor Charles Jenkins have had some awful scandal associated with them in the last couple of years but it hasn't impacted their music careers at all in my opinion.  
Anyhow, I was listening to some of Terry's music on Youtube today and got to thinking about how we in the community of faith treat scandal, we let some live and some die. Why hasn't this young man recovered from his downfall? 

It's been almost four years. 


  1. Ms. Ann. Help me understand cause I really don't keep up with these people. What has the Church done to let James Fortune and Charles Jenkins live, and kill Kevin Terry?

  2. Ms. Ann,
    If I remember correctly, this man was caught on camera giving another man oral sex. There is no forgiveness in public perception for that. Hopefully God has forgiven and he can move on but He should understand his life won’t be the same.

    1. That's a lame comment. If there is no forgiveness for "public perception", there should be none for a man who had his pic nude committing adultery (Jenkins), or one who abused his child (Fortune).

    2. "Hopefully" God has forgiven???
      So God can't forgive homosexuality but he can forgive adultery and spousal abuse?
      Some of you church folk are wasting all your time in church speaking in some tongues while you on your way to hell.

  3. I feel like James Fortune career really hasn’t rebounded fully. He’s not on the level he use to be, before the scandal. As for Charles Jenkins he could have just kept those nudes to himself. Just a waste of a pic LoL.

  4. James Fortune beat his wife and abused his stepchild- nothing big there.
    Charles Jenkins cheated on his wife and even had x-rated pics all over the internet- nothing to see there.
    Kevin Terry was on a video giving fellatio to another man which makes him gay which mean God is not pleased- destroy him.
    I'm not understanding even to this day why the church excuses every sin but homosexuality...?!
    Kevin Terry can't pay to sing anywhere but James a wife/woman beater and Charles a serial adulterer still cashing out.
    People fail to realize, especially the church, that Jesus gave a long message about hypocrisy.

  5. "...Christians are to “judge not” but also to distinguish and judge what is truth. Jesus doesn’t call us to turn a blind eye to sin. If a person you know is falling deep into a pit as a result of their sin, you shouldn’t sit back in silence while watching them fall deeper into the hole of sabotage. But that doesn’t mean we condemn others for their sins by judging them. When we do, we are committing an even bigger sin. Ultimately, Jesus tells us to look at our own sin before we judge the sin of others. The Bible tells us to confront the sin of others with truth, respect and love. If we are doing anything else, we are missing God’s call to love others."
    Read more at http://www.beliefnet.com/faiths/christianity/articles/how-to-respond-when-others-sin.aspx#pJYZ0OYp1th2W3i5.99


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