Who's Idea Was This??

What y 'all think about this event? And why are these black people willing to perform at a confederate monument? Stone Mountain is the largest confederate monument in the *country.*  Must be some big money in racial reconciliation propaganda for (black) gospel artists? Tasha Cobbs Leonard, Travis Greene, United Pursuit, Montell Jordan, Eddie James (Official), Shane and Shane and Influencers Music. I read that Tasha Cobbs was just at Liberty University and pumping them up on her Instagram. Shaking my head!! 

OneRace Stone Mountain is a catalytic event hosted by OneRace Movement at Stone Mountain Georgia on August 25, 2018. We are seeking to gather 30,000 believers and 300 pastors from diverse cultural backgrounds, and denominations. We will gather together to renounce the historic divisions of racism, and petition God for racial reconciliation and revival in our nation. 

This is our opportunity to gather together to renounce the historic divisions of racism, and petition God for racial reconciliation and revival in our nation. It challenges us to be united in love, biblically clear, socially aware, and truthful in our words and deeds about the issues of race. Even in the midst of tension and hardship, we choose to work together through prayer, dialogue, and action, and see healing and unity in our community.

 The event will be preceded by vision casting lunches, monthly pastors prayer gatherings, regional prayer gatherings, all of which will culminate with OneRace Stone Mountain.


  1. Trying to make them feel better about themselves and make us believe it's genuine.

    Me. Since we're neighbors, have you ever been to Stone Mt. Park ? Kind of a take back to the 50's era of civil rights movement here in the ATL.

    Monuments need to be gone.

  2. Pure foolishness!

  3. One more time...
    These "gospel artists" are ENSLAVED (by their Covenant/contract) to their record company. They MUST appear and record with who they are told to or the will be rendered irrelevant by the record company ceasing promotion of and releasing material by the artist. It's called "getting shelved" or in other words pulling the plug on the fame making machine. This applies to EVERY artist on the flyer above, REGARDLESS of color. Timezone would and can confirm this.
    Also, God is not schizophrenic,,so why do some folk go back and forth on Tasha? One minute she's anointed, next minute you going smh. She has to do what they TELL her to do point blank. The industry is run by unholy people and to move up one will be required to participate and promote unholy things.

  4. Right. It's okay for Tasha to collaborate with Nasty Nikki, but when she sings at Liberty it's a problem. I agree theses black gospel artists serve the devil. Most of them don't even know it. Some do. There is no such thing as racial reconciliation. Matter of fact there is no such thing as race. Even the term itself was created to divide. Shame we who call ourselves Christians put so much emphasis on reconciliation of the races (black and white, as if theses are the only "races") and have no clue the bible doctrine of man's need to be reconciled to GOD!

    1. What are you talking about?most people had a problem when she sang with Nikki the NASTY, I can see why people have a problem with her being at one of the racists university in the country.

    2. A lot of people had NO problem with Tasha and NASTY Nikki getting together.

    3. Right. Folk were saying 'don't judge, you don't know what God is doing, she could be witnessing to Nicki...' the usual excuses. Why can't these gospel artists talk to the secular artists at the award shows? Who do they have to do a collaboration??

  5. I'm trying to find in scripture where Jesus died for only white people, only black people, only Hispanic people, only Asian people, etc.??!!!
    Is there going to be a white heaven and black heaven?
    I'm not understanding why people who call themselves Christians want to have so much racial hatred running rampant on these streets?


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