What Did Archbishop J.Delano Ellis Mean When He Said "He's Next"??

Is it possible to predict your own death? And if you could, would you want to? Anyhow, last night I watched day two of the celebration of Life for Archbishop Roy E. Brown, the founder of an organization called Pilgrim Churches, in Brooklyn, NY.  With Rev. Al Sharpton, Archbishop Bernard Jordan, Bishop Marvin Sapp and others giving their two minutes reflections on the man of God.  Anyway during Archbishop J Delano Ellis time of reflection and tribute to Archbishop Brown, he made the comment “I’m next” that sent shockwaves through the Kingdom.

 This morning The Joint College Of Bishops, Archbishop J. Delano Ellis, organization had to issue the following post because of the concerns of the Christian community:

All, The internet exploded last night after Archbishop J Delano Ellis’ tribute to Archbishop Roy E. Brown. He made the comment “I’m next” that sent shockwaves through the Kingdom. One has to understand the relationship these two giants shared in order to fully grasp how Archbishop Ellis feels. NOOOO he’s not giving up, YESSSSS His health is fine, he’s not leaving here! I could testify the Man is doing fine! I would ask that you not only pray for Archbishop Ellis, PLEASE pray for senior leadership everywhere, they carry a lot of weight that would crush the average person. Pray more, worry less!!!


  1. Aww poor guy. He’s just old and seeing all his friends die. Ironically my grandpa said the same thing when his cousin died... pray for Bishop!

  2. Ms. Ann much respect to Bishop Brown but Delano No! The church looks like Catholicism! What has happened to the body of Christ?

    1. COGIC looks like Catholic servants as well!

    2. I was thinking the same thing!

  3. It could mean the following:
    1. He is currently in a state of failing health and doesnt have much longer to live
    2. He is getting older and by natural order he is next to die based solely on his age
    3. He (along with any and all of us) are next to die. Why? The sheer fact we are still alive makes us a candidate to be next to die.

    Bottom line, he is prepping to go to the grave (just like we all should be) unless the rapture comes first and catches us away while we are yet alive.

    Just my thoughts.....I watched the service and Ellis can be cryptic at time and then at other times pretty clear on what he is talking about.....


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