Was Apostle Gino Jennings Right In Throwing New Christian Mr. Vegas Out Of His Church??

Lord have mercy Apostle Gino Jennings simply should have known better, than to debate a babe in the faith. ( You Can Read It Here ) Former dancehall artist Mr. Vegas who is by all standard a babe in the faith....turn to Christianity after leaving the Jamaica  Dancehall scene in 2016, was cast out of a packed congregation at the YMCA in St Andrew Jamaica last evening, as a debate with controversial Apostle Gino Jennings erupted into a disturbance.

Vegas and Jennings had booked the date for a debate after the controversial pastor blasted churches that allowed women to wear ankle chains, red lipstick, and fake hair. As Vegas attempted to build an argument, Jennings shouted, “Debate Pastor Jennings like a man, debate Pastor Jennings or sit down, debate Pastor Jennings or get out."

 Check out the clip below:


  1. "But all things should be done decently and in order." 1 Corinthians 14:40

  2. I don't see why people even TRY to deal with this mess. He purposely antagonizes people that HE KNOWS he can defeat. I never heard him call out COGIC.
    He not ready hahaaa come this way bruh.

    1. He not only called out every Leader of the COGIC but he also destroyed one of COGIC's Ministers in a live debate.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Hahaa you call that a debate???
      Gino Jennings is a BULLY who picks and chooses his "victims."
      He would NEVER go against a TRUE student of COGIC doctrine.
      This man was a dude in COGIC just trying to get his name thrown out there.
      If Gino Jennings wants to debate someone in COGIC tell him to go against one of OUR GIANTS and then we will see how he comes out of that.
      Gino Jennings is a cunning minion of the enemy.
      Hahaaaaa debate...??!!!
      He doesn't debate, He bullies.

  3. Oh he's called them out too.


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