Two Fake Pastors Exposed At Once!

In my opinion, Western Christianity has really done a number on other Christians minds in other parts of the world.  WOW, this is really something, I believe it happens way more than we are aware of. There must be a watchman on the walls at all times. Two FAKE PASTORS EXPOSED at once. This is all fake & and they know it 😂😭😭😭 both of them are fake. The people in the pew are cheering them on as if it's the truth. There are so many fake prophets in this world where they do this for money, they buy people to tell fake testimonies. 

Check out the clip below with the play by play commentary. 


  1. Reformation is needed in the body of Christ.

  2. Hello. Could you help to explain how these two pastors are faked, since one of them is helping to lead the other to repentance?

  3. I wonder how much this pastor paid the other guy to embarrass himself in this way...

    1. How do you know the pastor was PAID? Do your RESEARCH! LOL...

    2. Must be computer time at the group home, huh Anonymous?

    3. I'm at a point in my life where I can do whatever whenever. Ain't God GOOD!

  4. I watched the video on Lukau's YouTube channel and found the interchange to be contrived and scripted. Maybe the pastor could have been false, but the reaction of the people gave me the impression that it is all a serious lie. We should always reverence leadership, but this is good acting. Just look at the African prophets on YouTube. Now they are trying to come to America with this madness. I will leave them to the Lord to deal with both of them.

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  6. I didn’t know pastors were still trying this charade. Churches have to put on fictional productions to show how their pastor is so awesome.

    Whatever happened to preaching the word.

    And if he was a fake pastor sent to this church what was the purpose???

    1. Mike, Johnny and COP, your comments are on point! This was nothing more than a scripted performance to make the pastor look like a wonder in the eyes of the people. It was a show. Calling out birthdays, names and other information can be done by divinatation. When will these so-called prophets preach from the Holy Bible and cease with the "healing miracles" and prophecies that entertain the crowd?

  7. You can tell this is fake.
    I saw this the other day and KNEW it was fake when I saw it.
    The sad thing is the people who claim to have the Holy Ghost and don't see this.


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