These Are The Leaders Of The Free World,Guess Who’s Not In The Picture? The President Of The United States.

Y 'all this is a doggone shame and an embarrassment to us all, in less than a year and half in office, 45 has made the USA a joke and a disgrace. This is the official portrait of 2018 G7 summit attendees. Notice that 45 is not in it. How fitting, for we are officially now a pariah state among our former friends and allies. 45, according to reports, called the Prime Minister of Canada, the host of the G7, a liar. Let that sink in... 45 called Justin Trudeau, the head of state of perhaps our most loyal ally, a liar. 45 calling ANYONE else a liar is hysterical.
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  1. Ms. Ann. I don't understand why you deleted my comment about praying for the president. I actually agree with your article and the Bible says we should pray for kings. Do you pray for the President?

  2. I gotta go with the President on this one. I am not a big fan of Justin Trudeau nor his pedophile dad. Canada as a nation has become way too liberal, and they treat Black people like dirt there. These nations want to establish policies to use AMERICA as their BIG BROTHER Bank. Trump ain't having it and detest that even from our "allies". If Trump cut back on the billions of dollars we funnel into Israel every year, I'd be more than happy. Our country then can be great again. This is just my opinion in response to the article.


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