Pastor Dwight McKissic Suggests That Beth Moore Be Considered For SBC New President!??!!?

I find this interesting that the president of the SBC has precisely zero authority over member churches. Next week, the Southern Baptist Convention will elect a new president. Pastor Dwight McKissic wonders if it's time to nominate a woman (and has one in mind). I respect Pastor Dwight McKissic stand on social issues within the SBC, but why Beth Moore for president?  Some within the organization say that Beth Moore being the next president is like making her prom queen or something-- an empty, symbolic office. And it's like electing her because it will look good to the outside world, and hope nobody else notices that being the president doesn't actually mean anything, and doing so would fool people into thinking things have changed. 

( You Can Read About It Here )


  1. Their are tons of women within Southern Baptist who mentions NOTHING about being mistreated because they are women. Only a sprinkle came out recently to attack Pastor Page because of their perceived faults in his actions. Yet you got this MALE preacher and many others who aren't even a part of that church, who cry out so LOUD, protesting SEXISM and MYSOGINY. Leave this church and these people alone.

    If the women there believe they serve God where the denomination preaches bishops and pastors should be men THAT's their privilege and right to stay and serve God as they choose. Dwight suggest cunningly Beth Moore should be considered President. Beth Moore hadn't said she was even interested in that position. She just got out of the fire recently with her claim of MYSOGINY. Many believe her claims are suspect, even calling her a false teacher.

    These folks acting like outsider and those who are outsiders talking nothing but TRASH, are nothing but a bunch of busybodies.

    "And withal they learn to be idle, wandering about from house to house; and not only idle, but tattlers also and busybodies, speaking things which they ought not."

    Some so-called Christians are so quick to defend homosexuality by saying what goes on in folks bedroom is between consenting adults, but have no problems barging in the matters of the LORD's house, telling church folks how they should treat grown women who happily and regularly attend, doing so to serve God and minister to his PEOPLE!

    1. *There are tons...

    2. Pastor Dwight McKissic and his Cornerstone Baptist Church Arlington, TX is apart of SBC, they have been for years.

    3. So what? He can't speak in behalf of all women there. No one can. Only the women themselves. Many are happy serving the LORD being a part of that ORGANIZATION. Only a few cacklers.

    4. I get it. Dwight is the "black" knight in shining armor, out to rescue the poor little damsels in distress.

    5. He complains about MYSOGINY, yet he exemplifies CHAUVINISTIC behavior. PLEASE!

    6. Ann, I am not trying to be divisive. I am just stating my opinion, I am not a TROLL! Far from it!

    7. What does his son has to do with anything? Get a GRIP!


    8. Marshall K Johnson, I don't know, didn't know he had a son.

    9. Is he related to Rudolph

    10. I don’t think so, the last names are spelled differently.


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