New Birth’s Bishop Stephen A. Davis Resign!?!?!?

Bishop Stephen A. Davis, who stepped in as interim senior pastor of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in DeKalb County after the death of Bishop Eddie Long, has resigned. The news was confirmed by board chairman Thomas W. Dortch Jr. , who said that the “strain on Bishop Davis from having to come back and forth from Birmingham to Atlanta weekly while maintaining his other churches - one in Birmingham and one in Tuscaloosa - became a major challenge for him.”( You Can Read It Here
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  1. So who will be named the new pastor of the church? Was there friction between him and the church board?

    1. Marshall according to Obnoxious there are three pastors trying to get the church. Judging from the actions of Bishop Davis on Pentecost Sunday, he might be wanting Long son to take over. Judging from the social media conversation online there might be some kind of friction going on.

  2. Pastor John Gray is named as a member of the Board of Directors of New Birth. I wonder what's his PERSONAL opinion concerning this pastoral change.

    1. Mike you know Gray and his wife was once a member of New Birth!

    2. I had forgotten that tidbit. Thanks Miss Ann!

  3. This may sound redundant BUT, it goes back to churches getting sound leadership, Setting up a hierarchy & and training up ministers in your own house.

    They knew for more than a year Eddie Long wasn't going to led the church in his condition and after his death the ONLY person they could find to lead the church lived 500 miles away and already had his own church???

    3 reasons why these mega churches need to change The way they structure and manage their churches.

    1: Many of these mega churches have a selfish families as leadership that don't want to give up any of the church positions to anyone outside the family for fear of losing their cash cow. stop treating the pastor and his family likes royalty

    2: Have been unwilling (or don't care) to train good men IN THEIR OWN CHURCH therefore when the head pastor is unable to continue leading (for whatever reason) they have to outsource a pastor to replace him. if you're not training men in your own house to become leaders and possibly take over leadership then what is your church doing???

    3: And ultimately these mega churches are unable to have basic foresight on what to do if there centerpiece of a pastor needs to be replaced. This is troubling considering that Jesus had a plan for training of leaders spelled out for them in the Bible in the form of the 12 apostles. They spend money and time on expanding the businesses, and outs reach for the church for their own leadership they can't see past their own pastors charisma to even plan for replacing him.

    This church will continue to struggle because of there leaderships past mistakes.

    1. COP, great response and insight! I concur.

  4. Are you a member of a church?

  5. He didn't know this BEFORE he took the position??

  6. Christian PentecostalJune 7, 2018 at 7:25 AM

    Sell the church and split the congregation into multiple campuses spanning 50 miles outside of Atlanta form the north south east and west and send the congregants back into their communities so they can make a real difference.

    Train every minister that says they have a calling to preach in that church by sending them to seminary so they can learn something more than "turn to your neighbor" and when they come out commission them to preach and lead in the local neighborhoods.

    Cut out all this international stuff and turn the focus back on saving the local community and Im sure God will be "almost" pleased.

    But you see, you cant do that when you run your church like a corporate conglomerate with your own "church brand" and "church CEO..i mean Pastor" and boards of directors and such.

    The bottom line is, since the people are allowing this, the chosen few in this MLM mega church pyramid scheme that they are running are always going to come out on top making top dollar while the people at the bottom give, and give, and give with hopes of getting financial wealth but somehow stay poor when its all said and done.

    If every last member left this church it would put an end to this atrocious mega "ministry". New Birth, do yourself a favor and take your money and your God given talents and find a bible believing local church in your neighborhood and stop burning your gas running down I-20 every Sunday (when you know you live 50 miles away in Douglasville ...just saying)

    1. Christian Pentecostal, great comment!!


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