Jesus Take The Wheel: Target Apologizes For ‘baby daddy' Father's Day Card!

Target officials have apologized for offering greeting cards with the phrase “baby daddy” ahead of Father’s Day and are working to pull them from store shelves. Some say that this is an insult to Black Wives and their children. Not every Black woman chooses to have children out of wedlock. There are some of us who still have traditional values and are proud of that. Even if they did put other ethnicities on the cover of this card, it would still be an insult.

The card, which shows a black couple kissing, sparked backlash on social media after customers like TaKeisha Saunders shared their outrage: "It was the only card that featured a black couple," she said. "My husband is not my baby daddy." The card company, American Greetings, says it communicated "unintentional meaning that we are strongly against perpetuating" and has pulled it from all retailers.


  1. This card is very offensive to woman and men . Greeting cards suppose to be thoughtful and loving. They have a funny section of greeting cards but this card not funny at all.

  2. But the inside of the card (according to the picture) says your a wonderful "husband and father" which wouldn't apply to a person who had a child out of wedlock.....

    Do me a favor, next time you go to Walmart or Target browse their card aisle, they have everything under the sun from funny to outrageous. Its the day we live in. No one can fit their sentiments into a cookie cutter box like the cards of yesteryear.

    I wasn't offended and Im a sanctified Christian husband and father and if my wife got that card for me Id be super honored and would happily accept that card (instead of getting no card at all). Id be glad if my child wrapped a dirty diaper in wrapping paper and handed it to me and said happy fathers day. Id be happy if I came home and my wife said happy fathers day, took my debit card, and purchased a gift for me with my own money........Im just happy to be a dad ok......

    I cant stand the spirit of offense people love operating in.......sigh.....

    1. "Im just happy to be a dad ok.."--Kudos to you, my Brother! I LOVE your spirit and attitude! HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to you!!!

      While I don't believe that the designer and Company that produced this card intended to offend anyone it is indeed offensive. The slogan originated as comedy but has evolved into being a demeaning stereotype used towards and against Black people. Ha! I recall reading something where a writer tried to even use it when describing the Obamas. That writer rightfully received A LOT of backlash! Given the content and context of the piece, he/she knew EXACTLY what they were doing too!

      It is very unlikely that you would ever hear or read such a thing if someone were describing the Trumps--and they actually fit the slogan much more than the Obamas, or any other white family. Think about terms "Welfare Queen" or "Cadillac Welfare Queen". Who do you consciously and unconsciously associate those terms with? It's the same thing here.

  3. This is our fault.... We coin these phrases and repeat them with seemingly much delight and then the rest of the world repeats it back to us. I think it was meant to be light-hearted since that's how our community seems to use it. We need to be careful what we put out in the atmosphere. The card could very well have been written by an African American greeting card writer. However, I will say that when something offends you, "speak on it" with the appropriate party and attempt to reach a resolution.

    1. I agree it had to have been light hearted if the same person wrote on the inside "Your A Wonderful Husband And Father".

      I will say it most certainly was marketed toward African Americans for one reason only....African Americans happily coined the phrase which spilled out into the media via black comedians and the like. Its also a relate-able phrase.

      I wonder how many people actually purchased the card with sheer joy when they saw the words they use everyday for the father of their children.........

      Who here remembers the song from 1997 "Thats just my baby daddy" It was a single. "Less than two months after its release the single had sold 500,000 copies and earned a gold certification on May 28, 1997 from the Recording Industry Association of America."

      So you do the math...if that many people were purchasing a song that glorifies being a baby daddy, surely this same group of people deserve a fathers day greeting card that they can relate to......just was all in marketing and Im most sure it wasnt suppose to offend.

  4. It's amazing some of us wont use just a little common sense and discernment. Just consider just for a second. This card was designed by someone. The words were written by someone. Someone is profiting, making money of cards like these. The developer of this card is AMERICAN GREETING. This company was founded by Jews and currently owned by them. These are the folks behind all the racial divide within these country. All this blame towards "white evangelicals" and the BIBLE is SENSELESS.

    A more than 100-year history of Jewish majority ownership of American Greetings Corp. – via the Sapirstein, Stone and Weiss family – ended when a deal was struck to allow a New York City-based private equity company to acquire a 60 percent ownership stake.

    Clayton, Dubilier & Rice and American Greetings announced Feb. 13 that CD&R-managed funds will acquire a majority ownership stake in the Westlake-based designer, manufacturer and distributor of greeting cards, gift packaging, party goods and stationery products.

    The Weiss family, descendants of Jacob Sapirstein, who founded the company in 1906 in Cleveland, will retain a 40 percent stake in the business, according to a news release. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

    BE WOKE people about these smallhats people!


  5. People are offended by the smallest thing.
    Sad the world we live in today.


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