Does "In God We Trust" Belong On Our Currency?

Earlier this week, a judge ruled in the case of a self-described Satanist who decided to sue the U.S. government over the motto. Kenneth Mayle, a 36-year-old Chicago native, argued that because he didn’t believe in God, his rights were being violated whenever he handled money.

 Mayle insisted that by carrying around coins and bills with “God” on them, he was being compelled to participate in a “submissive ritual.” However, the judge didn’t buy this argument, ruling that the phrase "In God We Trust" does not amount to a religious endorsement. 

As evidence, he cited a well-known 1970 Supreme Court case which held that the motto – though it does invoke God – is really a secular phrase with “no theological or ritualistic impact.” The judge further posited that “In God We Trust” is a “historical reminder” of America’s heritage, and thus should be allowed to remain. 

Your thoughts?


  1. Hmm... it seems that people are really starting to push back on the religious right. Once again, it becomes a question of the separation of the "The Church" and "The State". "In God We Trust" wasn't printed on American currency until 1957. Who did we trust prior to that time? "One Nation Under God" was not added to the American Pledge of Allegiance until 1954. So, who were we under prior to that time? Contrary to what some want us to believe this country (USA) was not founded on Christian principles or the Christian religion. We're quite diverse.

    1. Either you can not read or choosing to remain ignorant. The article says a "self described SATANIST" decided to sue the Government. I doubt this SATANIST had in mind pushing back at the "right wing".

  2. I don't think it belongs there, and I don't think it should be our country's motto.

    Quote: Prior to 1957, the motto “In God We Trust” did not appear on U.S. currency. It was first added in 1957 pursuant to a 1956 Joint Resolution by the 84th Congress declaring the phrase as the national motto.

    1. Tell the whole story.

      "In God We Trust" first appeared on the two-cent piece in 1864. about 100 years before it was added on paper.

      So what for your date.


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