Church Announcement: Prophet Brian Carn Is Having A Clarion Call Tonight Live On Social Media.

Y'all I really don't understand these social media apologies from prophets that start off with "If I ever offended I apologize" posts. Now with the present allegation against Prophet Carn going viral, I got a strong feeling that this is what's about to go down. Stay tuned!


  1. I wonder will he mention the allegation that has been leveled against him?

  2. These folks don't live by the Bible. They prove they hardly understand God's Word. If thy brother HAVE an ALT AGAINST YOU (meaning YOU have done them WORNG), leave your gift at the altar and MAKE IT RIGHT WITH YOUR BROTHER. Also CONFES YOUR FAULT one to another. Has NOTHING TO do with "if I offended anyone". If someone have done YOU wrong, FORGIVE THEM. I mean these things are plainly written.

    Of course, none of this pertains to these HEATHENS! LOL...

  3. I am amazed how when it comes to HIS MESS he never addresses it but he is quick to jump on others.

  4. I cant keep up with the scandals. Isnt the last one about him literally saying verbatim what a witch/fortune teller said (I saw the youtub clip) and didnt he predict the wrong president would win and isnt there allegations about children out of wedlock and didnt steal the "money cometh to me now" phrase from Leroy Thompson and didnt he hook up with Benny Hinn to diversify his schemes amongst the white people too.......the list goes on and on. I cant!!!!

    1. I just saw the latest......mmmmm.......not cool.....


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