As Megachurches Diversify, Top Leadership Remains White Male?!???

You can't get more real than this article. ( You Can Read It Here ) Folks love to holler "Jesus doesn't see color" too bad that most of his churches do but, then, most "Christian" churches are not anything that Jesus would actually recognize. 

Anyhow according to the article among the defining features of megachurches in America, but especially so in Alabama is the white male leader. Last month, Rev. Michael Jordan of New Era Baptist Church in Birmingham made several incendiary comments about black and white church attendance trends. One of the trends he mentioned was that as black attendance increases at large predominately white churches, senior leadership at those churches will remain white.


  1. Jesus is the head of the church and the church are those that are gifted righteousness by faith in Jesus as Savior of the world.When Jesus ascended on high He left gifts of apostles,evangelist,pastors,prophets and teachers that would oversee and edify His church.Whether in Birmingham,Los Angelas,or any community abroad, the righteous that assemble together in Jesus name are the church.We that believe have been called out of darkness into the light of Jesus.As the called out ones (ecclesia) church is not where we go or what we do,it is who we are.


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