Anthony Bourdain Found Dead From Apparent Suicide!

Reader here we go again, second celebrity found dead from suicide. Money and fame have problems too. Award-winning chef, writer and television personality Anthony Bourdain was found dead from apparent suicide on Friday. He was 61. He appeared to have hung himself in his room at a luxury hotel in the tiny village of Kaysersberg in the Alsace region of northeast France. The exact cause of death is under investigation.


  1. So sad! I felt like I knew him because his show was on very often in my home. Prayers for his loved ones.

  2. His girlfriend blood sacrificed him. Her career will take off soon. I feel bad for these people but they signed the blood contract.

  3. I've watched his show for years. Loved him. Sooo sad . I'll miss his off the cuff humor and wit. Wow.


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