Women Only "From A Man Perspective" With Pastor Jamal Bryant!

Detroit MI, join Pastor Jamal Bryant as a single pastor and father share his views on dating, relationships and raising young ladies. For all women - single, in a relationship, married - this is an opportunity to hear thoughts from a man's perspective. 


  1. He won't tell them the truth.

    Most black woman have the spirit of the "woman goddess" they have learned from Beyonce, Oprah and other feminist. These women are easily deceived and most of them buy into the lie that they should be worshipped and loved and sacrificed for. And the sad thing is most Black men fall for it. They have become SIMPS instead of the men God called them to be. The Bible clearly teaches the husband should wash the woman with the WORD. Anything that need washing is NOT CLEAN. Most of these women have take on this role acting like a man, WASHING and correcting him instead. Most men are not going to allow for a woman to disrespect him that way. Whereas the man is to PROTECT and PROVIDE, Her role is to love her husband and submit to HIM. She should yield her will and sacrifice for him to bring him good all her days. Her role is to love her children and put them before herself as well. She is to have a spirit of meekness and quietness, not be a stem to be a big mouth OPINIONATED FOOL. She is to open her mouth so the things said are GODLY to BRING oneness to the RELATIONSHIP. She should NEVER nag or complain, but be as the church where she is to TRUST and OBEY her husband. Instead most black women many are stressed and on some type of DRUGS. They are attention seekers, and have no inkling or clue as to an ounce of the meaning of MODESTY. Many are confused about their body and allow women to tell them how cute they look, and they fall into lesbianism. For any man seeking to be in a relationship, GOOD LUCK! A good woman is hard to find. My advice is to listen to her when she speaks. If she is complaining about her family, her job, her friends and speaking in a "selfish" tone...RUN AWAY AS FAST AS YOU CAN GET AWAY!

    Jamaal is a LIAR. He has no discernment. He will feed these women what they want to hear and will empower them to be even more a BUNCH of EMPOWERED donkeys!

  2. No thank you. He doesn’t seem like a credible source for relationship advice.

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  4. Why do people listen to this dude???!!!
    I am not understanding the inconsistency in the church today.
    They bash Carlton Pearson but listen to this dude???!!!
    You have got to be kidding me.

    1. The same crowd who support Carlton, support Jamaal. That's consistency my friend!

    2. Actually, they do not. Jamal doesn't even support Pearson.

  5. He is the last person that should give out that kind of advice. SMH×2

  6. So what is this, Steve Harvey 2.0?
    NOPE! Even better, we have THE role model for problematic black male behavior that checks all the boxes this side of crime.
    Cheats on wife/girlfriend ✔️
    Divorce ✔️
    Baby Daddy ✔️
    Absent Dad ✔️
    Behind/Avoiding child support ✔️
    Contributing to fatherlessness ✔️
    Still single and on the hunt ✔️
    What right-minded, Biblically sound church leadership would have a person of this track record speak to it's WOMEN about relationships or the mindset of a man???
    As one noted Dallas pastor would say, this is "the Spirit of Dumb" !!

    Timezone, Cop, Ira Ayers, what say ye?

    1. Welp, you didn’t ask me, but from a woman, I agree 💯 with you all!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Jamal should NEVER teach anything regarding woman, parenting, kids or relationships. Actually, let’s find somethings he COULD actually teach.
      How about we change the name of the conference to.

      How to avoid paying child support.

      5 ways to stay in the pulpit and STILL be a player.

      Like warm and loving it.

      Pimping, it’s not just for the streets.

    4. Lololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololol. Y’all going in on pimp preacher!

  7. Man, you said it perfectly Anon and I agree! "THE role model for problematic black male behavior" Lol, you got that right and people still listen to him. I do not understand the lack of discenment in people who call themselves Christian. This is what happens when we do not study the Word of God and we instead listen to men.

  8. Why is this dude still around? Is he still with Tweet? He has too many issues for me to take him seriously anymore. While I understand his heart, he needs to seek healing himself before he gives counsel to Black women.


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