Why Have Beyoncé Pissed The Internet Off By ‘Buying Her Own CHURCH In New Orleans For $850,000'?!?!??!

Haha, I’m quite sure Mrs. Carter will be turning that church into a center to do good for New Orleans. She has a proven track record of doing good, haters will hate, bosses get things done, do your thing Ms. Carter. Maybe she'll house the homeless. Or hold non profit events. Maybe it's part of her roots. Who knows. let's hope for the best.. She's always been a giver.  

Award-winning singer, Beyoncé has set the internet on fire with her latest purchase, according to TMZ QueenBey, recently bought her own Church in New Orleans for $850,000 and the church is over a century old. The famous 36 year old QueenBey, seems to be having other interests asides from showbiz. According to TMZ, the over-a-century-old church was listed at $850,000 and is 7,500 square foot, and has been out of use as a religious place for a while.
Do your thing Ms. Carter by surprising the watching world and pleasing your God at the same time.

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  1. Let me get this straight...

    If someone disagrees with anything Beyonce say or do, that person is automatically a hater, eh?

    1. Mike did I say that? I don’t see what’s wrong with it. She bought a piece of property. The online articles doesn’t say what she plans to do with it. I’ve watched shows on hgtv where people have flipped churches and made them homes.

    2. Not trying to start an argument, but you did say "haters will hate". I'm just simply trying to get some clarity on what denotes being a hater when it concerns Beyonce.

    3. Mike my statement were in reference to some online comments that I saw.

    4. But why even call those who made comments online "haters", Ms. Ann?

  2. Why are people so upset? She purchased a piece of property that was a church. The church has been abandoned for a long time. But the building has beautiful architecture.The online articles never said she bought it for one reason or another. She may have just wanted the property. And as far as the Bey Mass people are referring to in many of the online articles, that actually was nothing she did. She didn’t attend or have anything to do with the event. I’m not a huge Beyoncé fan at all but it always catches me off Guard to see people jump to conclusions and act as if they are sinless by talking about others.

  3. BEYONCE and CHURCH should never be mentioned in the SAME BREATH! Beyoncé net worth in 2017 was $350M and her "arranged" husband JayZ netted $810M. So if anyone think this to be an act of charity, a measly $850,000, the Devil's got you BLIND that's all I can say. I'm quite sure she'll get a nice tax write off. This Baphomet QUEEN BEE is a Satan Worshipper, and this is not the first time this has been said about her. Sorry Ms. Ann. Again I am giving my Opinion because what Beyoncé does have no affect on me personally. I don't listen to her music. I never allowed my children to listen to her songs. I teach my Grandkids to stay as far away from her as possible. That's my personal STANCE.

    Even with this story here, the church became abandoned because the leaders and founder passed away. The story is not about her buying the church to give it back to the parishoners, but rather about the QUEEN seeking it for her self, probably to do more BEYONCE masses and not telling what else. The one word that comes to my mind when I think about all this is BLASPHAMY! And I know God's truth that ALL BLASPHAMERS will end UP in place of torment!

  4. Purchasing abandoned churches and repurposing them for other use such as homes, apartments, and even office buildings is nothing new. This is only beautiful because it's Beyonce. The building's value of three quarters of a million dollars says it was well kept and a good investment for her. The additional thing is that now taxes will be paid that can help the local economy.


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