Why Are So Many Female Teachers Having Affairs With Their Students?

Y'all what's up with all these female teachers having sex with students? It seems like every week, there’s a new story of a female high school or even middle school teacher who has been arrested for engaging in relations with one of her students. The women are often young, attractive, and often (seemingly) happily married. It has been happening so frequently that it appears to be a reasonably solid trend, and yet there’s little widespread call to end it.
If it was a male teacher having sex with a female student the world would practically come to an end..... hopefully we can get this under control.( You Can Read It Here )


  1. LIKE -

    "If it was a male teacher having sex with a female student the world would practically come to an end"

    A movement need to START IMMEDIATELY...


  2. Ms. Ann, when I first starting working with students as a sub, I had to stay away from high school for awhile because the young men thought I was someone they could talk to. I remember a senior asking me to put my number in his phone. I told him I was old enough to be his mother and I have siblings his age. That's disrespectful and I don't get with my students. It was even worse in middle school. It's sad because many students would talk about teachers that were doing that. Being in those situations was scary because in some instances, principals believe the students more than the adults sometimes. And students will lie. The best thing to do is let students know from the start that you are an adult and they are to act accordingly and don't play with them. It's ok to laugh and have clean fun, but don't be so personal with students where it compromises your integrity. I was called mean on several occasions because how I would respond to behavior like that. I just don't like being disrespected and I hate seeing others treated that way. I just pray that this stuff stops.

    1. Your tone here is to somewhat blame the student, Let's not take away from the story posted. These women took advantage of innocent CHILDREN. They were manipulative, conniving, deceitful, selfish and took advantage of young people whose parents sent to school to get an education. These women are pedophiles and should be incarcerated! They should never be seen within 1000 feet of any school.

  3. They are doing the same thing with pedophilia as they did with homosexuality- desensitizing the people so then they can make it "acceptable."
    I see people have not paid attention to history at all.
    Look at how the gay rights movement started and look how this pedophilia rights movement is starting......?!
    Soon, pedophilia will be just as acceptable as homosexuality.


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