Upcomig Young Leaders Conference 2018, Will Have Bishop Noel Teaching On The Topic When Ministry Becomes The Mistress!!

Y'all Bishop Noel Jones has often talked about preaching himself out of his marriage...they're bringing him to "YOUNG LEADERS CONFERENCE "2018 to make sure upcoming pastors don’t do the same. They're calling every preacher, pastor, young minister, aspiring minister, preachers kid, church leader etc. that’s serious about ministry but also serious about family to sit under this wisdom!
In this life saving session, Bishop Jones will be teaching proven principles from both real world personal experience as well as scripture on how to make sure you don’t alienate your family in the pursuit of your call.  


  1. What about Loreta? Run Loreta Run.

  2. So the pastor who puts out a player of the year calendar, has a baby momma, and leads on his on-again off-again girl friend Wants to educate pastors on keeping their marriage together???

    Again. Let’s change the tittle to

    How to be a player at any age.

    Pastoring, pimping and playing: how to juggle it all.

    How to use your church tittle to meet your RIGHT NOW WOMAN.

  3. Why tho?!!!!! He’s not married, how can you give advice on something you’ve not experienced?! It’s just a money maker! Deception people, wake up!!!!!!

  4. Sad to say, but the culture in a lot to these churches is about those who can speak and be transparent about their EXPERIENCES. Even their bad experiences do not disqualify them, as long as they have a story. There is a push especially with churches especially where women are Pastors, to teach to want to connect with their audience. It seems like the Word of God and the conviction of the Holy Spirit is not Good Enough. Everybody has to touch their neighbor and tell the stranger next to them "they love them". I am curious to know if anyone will be helped by the good bishop here.

  5. Will he also be teaching how to keep hoes in every area code and yet make the church happy so you can secure that bag...?!


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