Top 5 Signs You Came Up In The Old School Church!

Y'all the woes of growing up in a black Baptist church. I remember these rules oh so well. We had a lot of rules back in the day but in my mind looking back the church was respected and had POWER in those days, now anything goes.

Did you grow up in a church that had a lot of unspoken rules?


  1. This list is a good start of all the many rules of the old school black church!
    I'll add, it was a requirement that you WALK during offering and at least touch the table (if your mama didn't give you money) as a symbol that you want to give if you could.

    1. COGIC Brother I remember that, the idea of you staying seated during offering was a no,no.

  2. Not one rule or adherence to it has ever yeiled one speck of righteousness in the eyes of God nor drew man closer to Him.They either produce a desire to break them or self righteousness when one feels they have observed them.The gospel is the power of God unto salvation and Christ Jesus is the power of God.When the gospel of faith in Jesus + nothing=eternal life is preached the Spirit of God manifest in power.When man interjects his own wisdom the message of the cross of Christ is emptied of it’s power and the result is of none effect.

    1. LIKE..."When man interjects his own wisdom the message of the cross of Christ is emptied of it’s power and the result is of none effect."


      These RULES are pretty much the SAME TODAY!

    2. Shut up!!!
      Some of y’all so deep and still so lost! LOL

      I remember in the old black church when kids had to participate in Sunday school! Even if mom and dad didn’t go, they sent you. And kids were much better because of it too!

    3. Why tell people to "SHUT UP" though?That's kinda shallow don't you think?

    4. Right. Then they lying too. Kids never HAD to participate in Sunday School.

  3. All I have to say is LOL. No biblical precedent for any of the "rules". "Not allowed to sit in the pastor/bishops chair". You will find no such exaltation in the bible. Jesus and the apostles were humbke and Jesus commanded them to be.

    "The greatest among you shall be servants"

  4. People today have no respect for the church- none.
    They will respect every other house but the house of God.

  5. Here's one that's GONE AWAY - wear YOUR Sunday Best.


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