The National Black Church Initiative, Commends The Royal Duchess Of Sussex, For Continuing The African Royal Line In The House Of Windsor.

The National Black Church Initiative  under the leadership of Rev. Anthony Evans, has released a press release about the royal wedding.  NBCI a faith-based coalition of 34,000 churches comprised of 15 denominations and 15.7 million African Americans, commends both the future King of England, Harry and the new African Duchess of Sussex Megan Merkel, in their Holy nuptials. It was a spectacle for the world to witness that African blood has now invaded the royal lineage of the House of Windsor and no one can do anything about it other than what Bishop Curry says -- love. The Black Church is never na├»ve to the hatred of the races. Even among all of this beauty and pageantry, those white English subjects and former subjects (Americans) are filled with hatred because an African woman with the blood of her ancestors, which represents the first human on earth, is now permanently in the royal line of the House of Windsor. But, the African royal line is the first.


  1. They should at least spell The Duchess' name correctly:
    M-E- G -H -A -N.

  2. Boy, these folks are reaching...

  3. It's so sad that we as black people don't feel like we have been validated or accepted UNLESS some white folk has acknowledged our presence.
    Sad and we need to stop that foolishness.
    Her being part black means what??
    What is that going to do for your paycheck at the end of the week?
    What is that going to do for your soul?
    Absolutely nothing.
    Stop begging white folk to like you.

  4. These organizations are nothing but FRONTS filled of BOULES. They care nothing about the plight of black people. They uses the condition of Blacks and poor people to fatten their pockets. These Negros don't live in the Black Communities, never send their children to public and Black schools, don't support Black business, etc. These are the Biggest Pharisees among us, yet they speak great words, fooling many along the way. The devil comes as an angel of light.

    1. You have spoken FACTS- completely!!!!


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