The AKA's Are In The News Again?!?!?!

Members of Alpha Kappa Alpha at Fort Valley State University, a school located in central Georgia, face serious allegations concerning sexual misconduct and harassment.  According to a report released by Rolling Out, several of the chapter’s most recent members are accused of participating in a sex ring to pay for initiation fees. Shaking my head, $1600 pledge, I never wanted to be in something that bad. The "clients" were local politicians and businessmen. Two anonymous phone calls were received that prompted the investigation. 

Anyhow, a couple of years ago I asked the following question in this space: 

If you're a Christian who had a bad experience in an elite organization like the AKA's. Should you just shut up about your experience and not tell anyone or should you warn other Christian brothers and sisters about the danger of the idolatry embedded in these organizations? Back then the young lady who spoke out against the organization treatment of her were viciously attacked online.  
( You Can Read It Here )

Last month, Alecia Johnson, the graduate adviser for the Alpha Beta chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., at Fort Valley State University, resigned after law enforcement launched the probe into the alleged sexual misconduct, reported The Washington Post. Before leaving the school, Johnson was accused of convincing pledges to have sex for money with local politicians and businessmen in order to pay the fees associated with the sorority, according to Rolling Out.The said chapter has been suspended. The initiation fees and monthly/yearly dues range from $700-$2500. The accuser claims innocence.  


  1. What in the world!!!

    The A.K.A. Leaders were running a pimp game ON THEIR OWN PEOPLE???

    That’s a SPECIAL kind of evil.


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