Slavery In The 21st Century!??!?!

Y'all this is what slavery looks like in 2018. State-sponsored slavery, at a shameful four cents an hour, for mostly non-violent offenders in a state which sends more of their own officials to prison, for various dalliances in corruption, than almost any other.

Throw the poor into prison on charges that would not stick if they could afford good lawyers. Keep them there by gaming the system with bribes and keeping them from voting. Pay them a wage that is next to nothing. In the meantime, there are unemployed citizens that can't get jobs because they want a living wage.

A Louisiana Senate committee voted 3-2 Tuesday (May 8) to allow state prisoners to work on construction projects and do repair and renovation work at the Department of Corrections' administrative buildings as well as the state Capitol complex. Prisoners would be paid between 4 and 70 cents per hour for these jobs or be able to earn credit toward an earlier release.
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  1. Where is BLACKLIVESMATTER!!!?.
    They should find out the names of the three people on the committee and protest hard against these devils.

    This is ABSOLUTELY SAD! Most of these judges in our court systems work with demons to put very unfair sentences on blacks. Bill Clinton was a ringer who signed that three strike legislation. Hilary called blacks super predators.

    I wish these prisoners would protest not to work for chicken feed. Unfortunately many will grab at these jobs because it may be their meal ticket do getting out the slammer. What a disgrace!

  2. LOL.

    You ask where is BLACKLIVESMATTERS. They are not given funds by George Soros to protest against this venture. They only rise up against "police brutality". Soros and BLACKLIVESMATTERS could care less about those incarcerated by the "system". They love the idea of "slavery", no matter what form it comes in. $0.04 per hour to pay for construction and remodeling of housing of inmates they ALLOW to become dilapidated, speaks to many levels the evil to keep God's creatures enslaved to serve them. WICKEDNESS in high places!

    1. What in the h*ll do black live matter have to do with this? Both comments are stupid!

    2. I agree. Where is black lives matter?

  3. This "slavery" today is by choice- not force.
    Is that right or wrong?

    1. LIKE...

      You are RIGHT!


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