Saints Stop Putting Bad Mouth On Pastor Donnie McClurkin!

Donnie McClurkin took to Facebook Live to address throat cancer rumors once and for all and confirmed: There's no truth to the rumor. 

Four years ago, McClurkin had throat surgery to remove precancerous scar tissue. He continued singing and such, but his voice was compromised. Fast forward to now, he says more issues have raised, however, cancer is not something he wishes people speak over his condition.

( You Can Read What The Pastor Had To Say Here )


  1. Here's my take on Donnie and a lot of these Black Gospel Singers. They try to sing so much under the "anointing", with all their passion to perform vocal theatrics and put a lot of STRAIN on their vocal chord.

    1. Gospel artist need to be careful how they use their voices in song. I also have heard singers straining their voices in attempt to be "theatrical." I sung in a community choir and my church's chancel choir and my directors impressed upon us to sing from our stomachs, not our throats. Donnie should tone some of singing down, especially since he is also a pastor. You only have one voice, so take care of it and not strain it.

    2. Their choir directors are not teaching the proper way to sing. And the music is oftentimes way to loud it can seriously damage your eardrum. This form of fashion is but for SHOW. The devil does not have to destroy these folks. A lot of these choir members and worship leaders will continue to eat at Dennys after the midnight musical and become OBESE. They will be like Donnie and sing from their THROAT to hear themselves and put their health at risk. They will suffer hearing loss being up close to the noise of the instruments. They will continue in their perversion continue their same sex choir member. Why will they do these things? Because they are "gifted and anointed". Instead of Apostle Steverson addressing the Levites (as he call them) be paid, he may need to address these other issues lest God dish out HIS PAYMENT for the "LEVITES" and on him the APOSTLE he claims to be. IJS. We need to stop playing with GOD!

  2. Passion to perform or a passion to make that money, by all means necessary? How do these 'artists' perform all over the world and pastor a church too? I wish him healing just the same. And to stay away from secular artists.


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