Pastor Joel Osteen Cry When Pastor John Gray Tell Him He's Leaving Lakewood Church!!

Pastor John Gray, the first Black pastor to join the leadership staff at Pastor Joel Osteen's Lakewood Church, moved the megachurch leader to tears upon announcing his desire to leave his role at the Houston, Texas, ministry.

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  1. John Gray is just like Joel (not to be confused with the Prophet Joel of the Bible because Osteen gives the prophet a bad name). He does not preach against sin. His messages are one dimensional. He has now power to his teaching and I predict since he mostly operate in the flesh, those white folks in Greenville SC (I am from SC and I know the racism in Bob Jones country) will become displeased with him, and the STRESS he and his wife (she may be part of his downfall) will cause them to leave. Mark my word! I am not trying to be negative. I am very familiar with the climate in Greenville Ms. Ann.

  2. Ms. Ann I disagree with much of Mr. Osteen’s theology but I am grateful for this example of overt emotion (other than anger) in a man. There’s nothing wrong with crying.


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