Pastor G Craige Lewis, End Of Days,The Image Of The Beast Was Celebrated At Met Gala 2018!?!??!

Y'all this is an interesting article. In his video End Of Days and Mother of All Gods, Pastor G Craige Lewis discussed the end time one world religion of Catholicism. 

Below is the article Pastor Lewis posted to his Facebook page:

Don't let our American numbers fool you. This religion boasts 1 billion followers and owns countries, financial reserves, and world leaders! This religion is totally antichrist and it mocks Christ and the bible. The pope believes he is equal to God and above Christ! This is the end time one world religion and the false prophet and beast will come through them!

 Yet so many are in the dark and don't realize this. Even many Christian and Pentecostal denominations mimic the leaders of Catholicism by wearing the garb and setting up their services to mimic Catholic mass. This is why the 2018 Met Gala chose to mimic mass as well by calling their event "Heavenly Bodies."

 After Beyonce had her mass, all celebrities get to take part in a Catholic mass service while they strut their stuff in celebrity fashions. They are worshipped as gods and goddesses by regular people so it was very befitting for them to take on these Catholic-themed personas. 

Wearing crosses, scantily clad dresses, and even LGBTQ supporting garments, these celebrities are apart of Satan's end time antichrist movement. They worship Satan in secret and now they are promoting him and his false religion of Catholicism. This is the image of the beast and those that receive it and worship them will face punishment at God's judgment. Read More


  1. The two beasts in Revelation Chapter 13 represent empires, not individuals. There is no mention of the Antichrist in Revelation.

    1. The Man Of Perdition Is And He Is Anti-Messiah. It's A Matter Of Language And Translation. Shalom

  2. What's bothersome to me, is why are the people of God upset about what sinners do?!? Sinners do what sinners do. Period. What more do you expect? See it, being led by the Holy Spirit, He will give you what to pray for and keep it movin'. Jesus did not pray for the world, He prayed for those God had given Him that were in the world. Stop being bothered about what the world does against Christianity, but learn how to rejoice instead. Why? Because if Christ wasn't a threat to the enemy, there would not be anything to mock. Jesus would go unnoticed. The devil don't fight what's not a threat. So look at them shake your head and rejoice, because Jesus has overcome the enemy and gave us the victory! We have the victory in Christ Jesus! We don't fight for victory. We fight from a stance of victory. We have the victory! Satan's job is to take away your focus, get you in a bind about what he does and get you in your emotions instead of standing on God's word. This foolery is a distraction from the enemy.

    I looked at these pictures, shook my head, and chucked to myself. Lol. Stop being upset about the foolery of the world. It's a distraction. Focus. Keep it movin and keep being about the Father's business. Jesus dealt with the same, as well as the Apostle Paul. What did they do? They kept it movin'. Got to stay being about the Father's business. When you know who you are in Christ, and Who you serve, the world would not have you in your emotions and upset about their show of foolishness. It's a distraction and tactic from the enemy. Stay focused.

    1. Amen! I totally agree and I just laugh at their calamity, I will remain focus and keep it moving!


    3. The reason why they do this is because its easier to attack the outsiders (that won't pay attention to you anyway) but they think it excuses them from dealing with the sin in the house that they overlook and hide for others.
      G. Craig Lewis great teacher but he also is part of the fraud crew.
      He never touches those he NEEDS to preach against.
      He scared he won't have a platform and will lose that money.

  3. It's not so much keeping up with what's going with unbelievers. It's about GOD's REVELATION and he told us to watch out for signs and wonders as it proves His word to be TRUE! The apostles noted on the DAY of Pentecost the fulfillment of the prophesy by Joel, that their sons and their daughters shall prophesy. It was fulfilled right during their TIME. Paul said in the last days many will fall away into apostasy. These things are being fulfilled and it should strengthen the believers faith the WORD OF the LORD is RIGHT! So NO we can't just turn a blind eye to what Satan is doing in the WORLD.

    Ms. Ann, though I don't care for Apostle Steverson, I appreciate Pastor G Craig Lewis.

  4. I was not offended by the gala or its theme. The costumes were based on paintings and images that are not biblical.

    1. It doesn’t affect me one way or the other. They shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

  5. If You Don't Pay Attention To What Satan Is Doing, Then, You Are Disobeying Yeshua, By Not Watching And Praying. If You Are Giving A Blind Eye To What Is Happening In The World, How Can You Even Minister To Those Who Are Lost To Such Things? No Wonder The "Christian Church" Has No Power To Do Anything. Shalom


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