Pastor Daughter In Final Four Of 'The Voice'!!

There's a lot of positive internet buzz surrounding the daughter of an Elizabethtown pastor, who has made the final four contestants of NBC’s “The Voice” show. Kyla Jade, 33, daughter of the Rev. Mike Harris and stepdaughter of Secenia Harris of Faith, Hope and Love Church of God In Christ on Indiana 7, will sing again on Monday’s 8 p.m. live episode with the finals broadcast on Tuesday, according to the network. Star pop singer Kelly Clarkson, one of the show’s coaches, acknowledged recently that she has become a fan of Jade’s.


  1. Whatever happened to Sunday Best?

    1. Some people realized it was a sham and they ended it before it got common knowledge. I talked to one of the contestants and he told me how he ended up losing even though he would have been a winner.
      They picked from the winner from day one so it became nothing but a stage to gain a fan base.

  2. She has a good shot of winning. Unfortunately the past VOICE winners did not pan out to have great careers. American Idol winners fair a whole lot better. Keep in mind this industry is Satanic. The devil take advantage of most of the people for the talent God gave them. Most artists aren't away all the deception until they pledge fully into it. Although this story looks good from the outside looking in, this PREACHER DAUGHTER better beware, lest she get caught up is all kinds of schemes. We can keep play with all this fame and fortune if we want. The way of the transgressor is hard!

  3. #COGIC in the house but why would she need to go on a show like that when #COGIC could have put her on?
    Maybe she doesn't want to sing gospel.


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