On Pentecost Sunday Bishop Eddie L. Long "NAMESAKE" Return To New Birth!!

Y'all New Birth  Missionary Church in Lithonia, Georgia is in full recovery mode. It was rumored a couple of months ago that Bishop Stephen A. Davis, the church's senior pastor and successor to the late Bishop Eddie Long, had resigned after just a year on the job. We all know that that turned out to be not true, "Bishop Stephen Allen Davis has not resigned and is currently still the bishop and senior pastor of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in both Birmingham, Alabama and Stonecrest, Georgia.

Anyhow on Sunday, Pentecost Sunday, Bishop Davis taught and demonstrate to the church, the Body Of Christ, how to live in this world, to Love, live and lead like Christ. He welcome back to the fold Bishop Eddie Long son Edward Long. Judging by the below clip and online comments, that at one time there were some kind of deep tension had developed between the two men and the church body.  


  1. Thanks for this POSITIVE article!!!! Ms. Ann, keep up the great work!

  2. I'm wondering why his father didn't place him as leader?
    This is something you don't see everyday. Many times leaders such as Bishop Long make sure their son is next in line.
    I know in COGIC (born and raised) the son will get the church and now the jurisdiction if he was a bishop with no hesitation at all.

    1. Bishop Long specifically requested Bishop Davis to succeed him as pastor of New Birth Atlanta according to the succession plan.

    2. Well, we know that already.
      But that wasn't the question.
      The question (which I would say no one but Long or his widow can answer) is why he overlooked his son as leader of the church?
      But again, no one but Bishop Long or Lady Vanessa know the answer to this question.


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