New Series ‘We’re The Campbells’ Coming To TV ONE!

Can we all say boring!! I am burnt out on reality TV and not quite sure why people want to continue to display their personal lives and destroy their lives and children.  When something gets real and social media starts to go in on your family that's when they want you to respect their personal business. I'm sorry but Mary Mary show was boring I don't see this being any different.

TV One Announces 'We're The Campbell's' Docuseries Starring Warryn & Erica Campbell.  



  1. I have never understood this " look at me/us spirit that is permeating this world. Maybe I am just old fashioned.


    1. alanspirit7 thanks for your comment. Reality shows are stupid and if you get butt hurt after being on one it is kind of your fault but don't put your innocence children in it.

  2. I wondered how is this different than the "Duck Dynasty" TV series.

  3. Anonymous thanks for the comment. Someone had mentioned in the comments before about the "Duck Dynasty" TV series, but once again I have never watch that show.

  4. If someone would sell their soul for fame, they could care less about sacrificing their children just to get paid. Erica has to do what she is told to do.


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