Leah Remini Is Coming For Jehovah's Witnesses!

So, Leah Remini has her sights set on a new project for A&E, one that will keep her focused on religion. According to sources, Remini will produce a special for A&E that focuses on Jehovah's Witnesses, to air during a break following season three of the Emmy-winning Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath. The religion, while based on Biblical teachings, has come under fire for some practices such as ousting or shunning members who have dissenting views, refusing to participate in politics or government, not celebrating birthdays or Christmas and for multiple predictions of Armageddon that have yet to come true.

( You Can Read It Here )


  1. Ann, I feel like she's gonna make some enemies with this one. Lots of people know that Scientology is dangerous, but how many people feel the same way about JW?

    1. Anonymous I was a Jehovah's Witness for a huge portion of my life. Yes, it is in many ways VERY similar to Scientology, especially in regard to the practice of "shunning", which they still like to pretend they don't do. Are they 'worse' than Scientology? No, probably not. Do they implement just as socially crippling of a system? Absolutely.

  2. One time my son’s dad tried to get me to consider becoming a JW. I did a lot of research on the Watch Tower Organization and was shocked about what I found. The most damning thing I found out was from a woman at work. She had a child out of wedlock and 18 years later her mother still refuses to speak to her daughter or her grandson.

    1. I have never feared any open discussion, exploration, or investigative look into my beliefs as one of Jehovah's Witnesses. I don't fear this one either. I am tickled that they recognize that the JW's are an entity to be reckoned with and they have something to say and show.
      I only hope that it isn't a witch hunt to sensationalize Mz Remini's very public falling out with the Scientology faction. It was big news on several fronts and of course, the media will ride a money horse right into the ground. I have enjoyed Mz Remini's work in the entertainment industry. She is a gifted entertainer and has done some really good shows.
      I think I will look forward to her look into the Jehovah's Witnesses.

  3. I find what Leah is doing appalling. I didn't have an issue in the beginning with her speaking out against Scientology because she was only bringing awareness of how the leaders were treating their followers. But I do have issues with her bashing the beliefs themselves and those that believe. Everybody has the right to believe in whatever religion they want and not to be mocked for it. Her show is starting to turn into religion bashing and that I have a major issue with.

    1. Amand. Amand and Amand again. This is the devil's attempt to get rid of religion and ultimately GET RID OF GOD! You hear what they said they next project would be - "For season three, Saidman said they plan to focus on the church's tax-exempt status and “to go right after the heart of the church’s power and resources and challenge fundamentally the foundation upon which they stand.”

      Real Christian Apologists have been exposing Scientology and Jehovah Witness doctrine for years. And now this woman in the devil's limelight is given a platform to talk about the cults and somehow her show is supposed to be more revealing?

      The devil NEVER EXPOSES unless HE comes to completely DESTROY! The LORD exposes to BRING LIGHT like he did using WALTER MARTIN when this man wrote one of the strongest books called "KINGDOM of the CULTS". I suggest anyone who call himself a CHRISTIAN, read HIS BOOK and not hear what this lady has to say on her
      A and E TV (one eyed devil) special.

    2. Amen...It's called "freedom of religion" according to the constitution.

  4. Jehovah's Witnesses are a cult. Those people seem very brainwashed and bullyish.
    But I can't wait until she hits Christianity haha that is going to be the funny.


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