LDS Church, NAACP Make Joint Statement, After Fake News!

Y'all someone set up a fake LDS newsroom website that looked just like the real site and wrote a statement apologizing for the priesthood ban. It was a fake and not from the church. I cannot believe someone would do this. The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints black members are upset with the church stand on racism and how they are handling it.  

 The First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the national leadership of the NAACP make joint statements in Salt Lake City, calling for "greater civility" and an end to prejudice of all kinds.


  1. I adore everything about this video, it's a true representation of a Christ-centered soul. I admire her authenticity and could not agree more with what she has to say. There are many of us who have experienced Church Trauma and ignoring those who have only prolongs the healing. It gives those hurt the impression, they don't matter. It also gives the impression things need to appear perfect in order for us to be accepted and loved. That is not the true gospel of Jesus Christ, we really need to remember to mourn with those that mourn.

    " I'm not going to appear perfect, nor make things look that way. If I want to be healed I have to be willing to be vulnerable. This includes being seen in all our faults, voicing when things aren't right, and being authentic to who god sent me here to be"


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