Jesus Take The Wheel, A Pastor And His 2 Wives Believe The Bible Supports Their Relationship.

Lord have mercy, folks can and will make the Bible support just about anything. 
"I have been blessed by God to have two women that I love" 
A Pastor and his 2 wives believe the Bible supports their relationship - with Thom, 60, and second wife Reba, 19, expecting their first child together. 

Please stop lying on God, He didn't bless that mess. I hate when people try to justify their mess by using God or the pulpit. You just wanted 2 women so that's what you did.


  1. I always find it funny how people pick and choose what the Bible says but I also find it even more hilarious how people who do this judge others who do it.
    I mean if you both wrong then who then decides which one is right?

  2. Christ gave His life for the His bride the church and her alone.

  3. Another attempt the devil lie to deceive man and women easily deceived, only to prove God’s word to be true (Man’s ways are right in hos eyes…man’s ways are not God’s ways). The LORD established marriage and the intent for sex in the beginning and in CREATION (one man, one woman for life). Regardless Solomon and all his concubines – he lived in sin. Regardless Abraham and David and any of the other sinners in the Bible who dabbed in polygamy, and divorce and remarriage, they sin against God’s holy design. Not to mention, many who are perverted and reprobate, homosexuality is an ABOMINATION. And BESTIALITY also is against the LORD’s command. The LORD will judge all those who transgress against Him. For this pastor and his wives, there would be jealousy, frustration, darkness, turmoil, strife and fighting, sadness, and all the fruit the flesh shall bring. There is nothing PRETTY that comes out of SINFUL Living.


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