Jesus Take The Wheel, Another Church Testimony Gone Wrong.

Lord have mercy man gets up in church and confesses to buying prostitutes and wants to be delivered.  Even admits that his wife is one.  The pastor is loosing it in the background.  They say to confess your sins but when they do, they can't handle it. Instead of acknowledging his need for deliverance, they're getting mad and yelling to cut his mic off. This was kind of funny but this also proves that the house just isn't ready to handle REAL ISSUES.


  1. I wonder why the lady said "turn the mic off""?

    1. They’re not ready to deal with real issues that are coming to a church near you.

    2. Maybe it may be because the guy was lying.

    3. And how do we know he was lying? Even if he was, there’s 100’s of real ones that hasn’t hit the church yet, but they’re coming.

    4. Ms. Janice, with all due respect, I said "maybe". As to stories like these coming...there have been many stories like these BEFORE when many women who were involved in prostitution have been delivered by the message the church offered. Before we say the church is not "ready", let's take a look at things from more of a wholesome perspective. Jesus has been healing prostitutes and men of ill-repute for years. He is STILL doing so TODAY!

  2. Well at least the brotha was honest. Lol
    But on a serious note..
    Homie is tearing up cuz he knows he needs help. Took a lot of guts to do what he did and I commend him. Probably would've been better to meet with the pair privately and testify there, though. Just because you belong to the church doesn't mean everyone needs to know your business. Just keep it between you, God and the Pastor.

    1. The world that’s coming in the church is looking for real ness. They’re not looking to meet secretly with the pastor. These people that God is sending in in these end times are looking for answers and their answer is in God! They are going to bring the spotlight to the real saints of God, and this modern day church. Back in the days, people came in off the street crying and repenting. These days, they’re not coming because the church is out there doing their own thang, that does not line up with His Word. Again, I ask, what ya gone do, when they come in crying, “what must I do to be saved?”

    2. Realness never saved NO ONE! Only the Gospel. Sorry, but people always want to act as though they have some real power. Truth of the matter is we are but clay, and should come humbly before His so He can mold us and shape us.

      "For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek."

      Get it...FOR IT IS POWER!

      It's sad most of these preachers don't even preach the GOSPEL.

      I heard a lady who was a prostitute testify how God saved her. She heard the Pastor preached all are sinners, and there was NOTHING no man or woman could do to satisfy GOD. But that GOD through his LOVE for man sent His SON to satisfy HIMSELF in behalf of them. He died for all when we deserved death because of our sins. This woman shares her testimony, and have accepted the fact that even if GOD never heal her from AIDS, she is going to be his MINISTER and LOVE HIM because what He DID for HER.

      You asked what to do when thy come crying, we should give them the Gospel and teach them the Bible to strengthen their faith and admonish them to live a Spirit filled life. We can not save or keep anyone saved Only Jesus and the Spirit of God who would indwell them to produce fruit and growth.

      God Bless!

    3. I wasn’t asking the question, I was making a statement about what the world is going to be asking. I know it’s the gospel, love of Jesus I know all that. Show me a church that has power, and I’ll ask you to show me their signs and wonders that follow their ministry.

      You be blessed.

    4. YOU said "Again, I ask, what ya gone do, when they come in crying, “what must I do to be saved?”

      It's the GOSPEL, because Christ said "A wicked and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign;".

      He also said "By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another."

      God Bless.

    5. He was the zone that said, these signs shall follow them that believe, in My Name they shall cast out devils, so when some demon oppressed people come in, they’re not worrying about who knows their business, they are in search of The Church thatvhas sogns and wonders following their ministry.

    6. Ok Ms. Janice. I respectfully disagree. Even the story here. This guy was looking for his burden to be lifted. He was looking for forgiveness and a new way of living. The Gospel has addressed that. And the LORD promised we can overcome any trial if we Trust in his WORD and Obey It. If we fall, we have an advocate who pleads on our behalf to the Father who will take our sins and remember them no more. We ought to study His word, pray we enter not into temptation, serve Him with all our soul, body and might.

    7. I digress! You be blessed beyond measure.

    8. Same to you!


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