Is It Easier To Acknowledge God Than It Is To Acknowledge Jesus??Janet Jackson Icon Billboard Music Awards Speech.

Interesting, millions of people watched the Billboard Music Awards Sunday night when Superstar and Billboard Icon Award recipient Janet Jackson said this and thanked God for her artistic career:
"Everything we lack God has in abundance"

Now I've read some online comments that said it's acceptable to mention God but not Jesus Christ. They stated how many people on platforms like this have you actually heard say, "I want to thank Jesus Christ?" Do we assume that they're talking about the same person?

Notice how God can be mentioned but not Jesus Christ.🤔 There are many "Gods" or Deities that are worshiped, we all do not serve the same God. Remember Janet is Muslim her God is not the same as the Christian God. 



  1. No one gets through to the Father but through His Son Jesus!

  2. Janet Jackson spoke what she only knew. She was raised in the cultic religion of the Jehovah Witness. As a part of a family who was part of the entertainment industry, she could NEVER concede to the tenants and teachings of Taze Russell. If her claim now she is Muslim, and the only God she knows is Allah and his prophet Mohammed., she should have said "As-salamu alaykum." And when it comes to Jesus, Muslims see Him only as a prophet. That said, No one should expect of all people, Janet Jackson to say Thank YOU JESUS! SHE IS NOT A CHRISTIAN! And all her foolishness to mention God to say "We turn back to the source of all calmness and that source is God", we better be discerning to know that she may be referring to SATAN. There is so much coded speech in this industry, and the prince of the air will use platforms like these to bring power and energy to Lucifer Son of the MORNING. Come On People. Read your Bibles and become familiar with the TRUTH and you will be able to know the works and the tricks of the ENEMY! Seriously!!!

    1. Amen Anonymous. Why would anyone expect Janet Jackson to give thanks to Jesus?

  3. They ARE one.Jesus hung bled and die for me: Jesus is my God. My God is Jesus. O how,I love him. He laid foundation open up the door,

  4. Folks better stop disrespecting Jesus. One of these days.Rapture will take place.

  5. It is easier to thank god because everyone has a god, whether it is a thing or a perceived person. Some Christians feel the need to be inclusive and not acknowledge God in the name of Jesus Christ. It seems as if God without Jesus Christ is much friendlier to the main stream.

  6. First, Janet is not Muslim. She stopped believing in organized religion years ago. She grew up a Jehovah's Witness.
    The name of Jesus makes demons tremble- every one must bow to that name.
    This is why they prefer to say God and not the name of Jesus.


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