I'm "Shocked" That Southern Baptist Women Are 'Shocked' By A Prominent Church Leader's Comments!

Really Y'all shocked by a denomination that has consistently kept women down? By a denomination that backs Trump? By a denomination that backed Roy Moore? Y'all shocked? Then yall haven't been paying any attention.

A prominent Southern Baptist leader faces demands for his dismissal after women from his own denomination reacted angrily to the news that he once advised abused women to pray for their husbands and gave a sermon in which he defended a lewd remark about a teenage girl as "biblical."( You Can Read it Here )

More than 2,000 Southern Baptist women have signed an open letter saying they are "shocked" by Patterson's comments on divorce and sexuality and warning Southern Baptist Convention leaders not to allow "the biblical view of leadership to be misused in such a way that a leader with an unbiblical view of authority, womanhood, and sexuality be allowed to continue in leadership."

Paige Patterson, president of the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, has denied having condoned marital abuse. He has so far declined to apologize for his past comments and is still scheduled to speak at an upcoming Southern Baptist Convention meeting in Dallas.


  1. I listened to the RECORDING! What a POWERFUL TESTIMONY! This PREACHER spoke FROM the WORD of GOD. I pray for the Gentleman, the LORD give him strength as he goes through this trial with these women. I pray for these women the LORD will convict them to do the right thing towards this PREACHER!

  2. Not to downplay any type of abuse against women (and men at that matter), but the flood of sexual abuse against prominent men in the media is disturbing to me as a BLACK man. I have gotten to the point that now I am very careful what I say or do to the number of women I work with everyday. I fear my livelihood may be at stake. And the BIG hypocrisy of ALL this is MANY WOMEN on my job say things playfully that come across as innocent flirting. When they do so the guys I work with maintain their cool because they know to maintain professionalism and have "fun" in the workplace. None has ever cross the line to the point they were put in for harassment, at least up to this point. With all the stuff in the media, especially charges against famous men over 20 years ago, the fellows are now saying even playful flirting is OFF LIMITS. This is sad because the natural attraction men and women when done right is I believe a good conduit for men and women to engage in a relationship that could lead to marriage and family. Even church people do a little fun and natural interfacing before they fall in love and marry. It's like the DEVIL is trying to take all this AWAY. I agree with the first ANONYMOUS.


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