Here We Go Again, Jesse Duplantis 54 Million Dollar Private Jet Offering!!

"y'all there comes a time for true Gospel Preachers to speak up when FALSE teachers are doing what I call pimping out the church (there is no polite way to describe it). PLEASE stop sending your money to these self indulgent heretics expecting God to bless you in return.

( You Can Read It Here )

Televangelist Jesse Duplantis had a very interesting message for viewers of his show This Week with Jesse. He wants a new jet. As he explains, he’s owned several, but would like the state-of-the-art Falcon 7x, which, according to this aviation site, costs more than $50 million, so he can go around the world without refueling. He would also like to pay for it in cash.

Jesse Duplantis is a false teacher and if you give even $1 toward his $54 million private jet offering (or his "ministry") you have not been a good steward of what God has given you. It is this kind of foolishness that hinders the true work of Christ in our communities. **Side note to those of you who are non-Christians and seekers: These types of false preachers like Jesse DO NOT represent the Christian Church...the biblical New Testament Church." 

Those above words are from Pastor Checkerz Williams keeping it 💯 as always. His words towards this type of hypocrisy mirror my feelings exactly.


  1. (I should just copy and paste my response to Creflo “give me your last” Dollar’s request for a jet.)

    Here is how these pimps try to reason with people.

    Jesse said ““Now some people believe that preachers shouldn’t have jets”

    The problem isn’t preachers having jets. The problem is THE MULTIMILLIONAIRE PASTOR asking his church and members to pay for it.

    Some may disagree, but if a preacher can USE HIS OWN MONEY to buy a mansion, luxury car OR JET then by all means do so. (Discussion of their over the top salaries would be a slightly different topic)

    But to ask other FAR LESS fortunate people IN CHURCH to buy you a jet JUST SO YOU DON’T HAVE TO REFUEL is pimping to the highest level.

    That isn’t Jesus it’s greed.

    1. Cop why would anyone publicly bash another minister of the Gospel, and tell people NOT to give money and make them feel guilty for doing so, when it’s a free will offering? If you watch his episode, he never ONCE said that “God Told me to tell you to buy me a $54 million jet,” but even if he did, what does it matter? The reason the body of Christ is poor is because of this mindset! We think we have to be poor and bash anyone that has any type of prosperity. I see people commenting, saying that “Jesus walked,” and “Jesus wouldn’t use a plane today, He would use a donkey.” Really?? You think Jesus would ride donkeys around the world to preach the gospel while everyone else is driving cars and planes? Ya... Jesus is gonna take a donkey across the Atlantic Ocean to come to America to preach...
      Just watch, Jessie will get the jet he’s believing God for. Just like God paid for Creflo Dollars, He’ll pay for his.. and His ministry will continue to make impact!
      Be careful how you talk about men of God!

    2. First, I don’t believe Jesse Duplantis represents anything that has to do with the Gospel. I don’t believe, based on his history of behavior and butchering of the gospel that he is a man of God.

      When a minster is abusing his powers to rob the church and their members to benefit himself financially, I have no problem telling people NOT to give.

      As a fellow Christian I have a responsibility to warn my brothers and sisters of corrupt pastors and ministers of the gospel looking to take advantage of their members.

      Yes, it is a free will offering to give. But then I must seek an audience with your common sense.
      A millionaire is ASKING YOU to buy him a jet.
      NOT BECAUSE he doesn’t already own one.
      NOT BECAUSE He needs a new one.
      But simply for the inconvenience of having to refuel occasionally when he flies around the world.

      I don’t believe all Christians have to be poor and I don’t seek to bash those that are wealthy.
      I have no problem with the pastor being rich.
      I have problem with the pastor being rich BECAUSE HE IS A PASTOR.

      Jesus didn’t travel more than 50 miles from his birth place during his life time. Yet he made an impact around the world.
      He simply made disciples who carried the message though out world. (No jets, or high powered donkey required)

      Yes Jesse and Creflo May get their jets. And the people around them may pay for the purchase and maintenance.
      But their impact remains the same.

      Making true Christianity look bad through their greed and foolishness.

  2. Jesse Laughing Clown is a big thing with the yuk-yuk saints who love to watch him and laugh at his corny humor in his so-called sermons. His jokes hypnotize them into giving their last so that he will get that jet, and he will try to keep up with his jet-setting pals Copeland and Dollar! Yuk, Yuk!!!

  3. Hahaaaaa you know the most hilarious thing about all this...?!
    He is not making ANYBODY send him any money. He is simply doing what he Word says, "Ask and receive."
    If the person choosing to send the money to this fool don't care that he is lying to them why should we care?
    He is simply doing what the Word said do, "Ask and receive."
    Don't hate the playa, hate the game.


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