Gospel Artist Kirk Franklin Is Catching Some Push Back For Calling Out Pastor Jesse Duplantis!

Y'all Gospel artist Kirk Franklin is catching some pushback from the Christian community after he took to Instagram Tuesday, to criticise televangelist, Jesse Duplantis, who has asked his followers and ministry partners to pray so that he can buy a $54million private jet as instructed by God. ( You Can Read About It Here )

 The 68-year-old preacher already has three private jets but needs a Dassault Falcon 7X, which is a three-engine plane with a range of 5,950 nautical miles, so that he "can go anywhere in the world in which he don't have to stop" Check out what Kirk's post below:

This is Jessie Duplantis. A televangelist who has four planes, and is now telling us that “Jesus” wants us to buy him another one. I’m posting this because now that we see popular culture stand up to the injustices in mainstream society, I believe the church should do the same for its own as well. WE should take the lead when there is an abuse of power that affects our message to the masses; our silence can be as loud as the bigotry and racism we see in the public square. Many of these “ministries” built their wealth on the backs of poor rural minorities that put their trust in the hands of “god’s shepherds” only to see the prosperity benefit those doing the preaching. Again, there are GREAT Christian leaders, and there is NOTHING wrong with having a plane... but if the burden falls on the less fortunate and GREED is the check written by those drowning in socio-economic rivers of systemic disparities, GOD is not flying that plane.
 Checking out the Instagram comments: 


  1. Kirk and Jesse live in the same house.

    "A house divided against itself can not stand"
    - Jesus

    1. Maybe Kirk could have handled this differently.. what if someone followed his ministry or just recently gotten saved through his ministry and there he go blasting Jesse causing others to fall.. their blood will be on his hands.. life is to short to point fingers..how about Kirk should have went to Jesse privately and prayed for him privately and let the Lord deal with him ? Instead you causing division in the body when we need to be more united more than ever !! Praying ❤️

    2. Jesse has been feeding off of the people for decades. I seriously doubt Kirk or anyone else coming to him in private will have him change his ways. He already got 3 jets an a airport.

      As Christians we are charged with calling out false ministries and pastors. The “pray and let the lord” deal with them mind set is why there are so many fake pastors today.

      The REAL BLOOD is on the hands of the greedy millionaire pastor begging for another jet for his OWN CONVENIENCE.

      When we as Christians DON’T call out these wolves in the church and warn others about their practices, we have to question if we truly LOVE OUR NEIGHBORS as God ask us to.

  2. I agree with Anonymous.
    They both doing the same thing and Kirk is only speaking out to gain more "followers."
    Social media has caused people to become so fake and deceitful.

    Why didn't Kirk start with those in his own circle who do this who he goes to perform for on a regular basis?
    Cut it out bruh.

  3. Well, I guess we gotta give credit where credit is due for Kirk. But these false preacher/swindlers have been around for years and years bilking the masses. Why hasnt Kirk said anything about it way before now? Yes, I agree that he might be only doing so now to increase his fan base!

  4. I am not a big Kirk Fan, but his statement rings true.

    And how are people DEFENDING Jesse???

    When the best defense is “he didn’t DIRECTLY say he wanted people to buy him a jet” your defense is weak.

    Cause you know JESSE isn’t paying for it.
    Why can’t he sell two planes and use the money to buy himself that new jet?

    And the bigger question, why are millionaires asking for handouts???

    1. Answer: because millionaire preachers like to use other people's money to get what they think they need or what "god" told them to get. Just ask I.V. Hilliard, he does it all the time and tries to justify it by saying they are asking Christians, not unbelievers to give to helicopter blades, Love City or whatever project is in the works.

  5. Ms. Ann, I watched the clip in which he made the statement. For me, he did not say anything to cause this public backlash. Nobody can ascertain if God told him to "BELIEVE". Also, he gave a response to the obvious criticism to his request and did not ask for donations. The man is clearly not a fool. I can't say if he thought it through before saying on TV but he did not demand for donations. That said, good reasoning should make him aware that managing all five will be a burden on the reservoir that's churning out the resources. God bless us all.

    1. ABC World News reported that Jesse's multi-million $ house is 35,000 square feet. 35,000 sq. feet! In the clip he implied that 2 of the planes are leased by other ministries. Maybe he could sell them, but he's probably getting more money in the lease arrangement.


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