Get Out Of Here, Pastor Steven Furtick Elevation Church Is Showing Black Panther This Weekend!???

This is some what interesting, what y'all think about Pastor Steven Furtick showing the movie Black Panther at his church this weekend?  According to a social media commenter, the church Elevation in Charlotte, North Carolina with Lead Pastor Steven Furtick has movie night at least once a month. Every other week the local news papers have something to say about what he and the church is doing, wonder what they will have to say about this.  While the church has a pretty mixed congregation, he most likely will get some push back over his movie choice. North Carolina is a very red state...and somebody gonna say something racist about this.



  1. Ridiculous.... I must confess.. I mess up and went to see this with the wife. It's so much witchcraft and idolatry in this movie it's unreal. And to have this shown at a church.. smh.

  2. A lot of churches in America have movie night that show either Christian and/or secular films. This is much ado about nothing.

  3. Amen. Steve is a false teacher who promotes another gospel. This movie at his "GOD'S house" is par for the course. He is inclusive and is deceived, so he sees no problem having a movie for blacks and THEIR super hero.

    The devil has bamboozled many into thinking their good works out of their good conscience will gain them favor with the ALMIGHY. But WE who are REALLY HIS people, know that any and all good work we muster to fight for, is NOTHING BUT FILTHY RAGS.

  4. Why are churches fixated on Black Panther???

    As a comic book and marvel fan, I loved black panther, but NO WAY should it be shown or promoted in church as some type of Christian alternative.

    Straight foolishness.

  5. I thought the movie stunk. And I certainly wouldnt want it in my church. I was sorry that I followed the secular crowds to see it.

    1. I guess I’m one of a few people that didn’t go or have any desire to see it!!

    2. I didn't see it either. I know the "prince of the air" uses Hollywood to brainwash people in anyway to steer them from the truth of the Bible. This white Pastor is living in "white guilt" where he feels he as to do something to appease Black folks. And black folks are no better. We feel we have to prove something to white folks, that we are not a bunch of N***ga, thus we kiss up to them and expect them to hug us and accept us. The enemy knows these internal attitudes and presses to do what he can to incite chaos because of it. Even with this movie their claim is the O black child need a 'Super Hero". And white folks better go see it if they don't want to be labeled as "racists". Never mind there are scenes he will use to impress upon their minds (blacks and whites) of the occult, nakedness, and all other matters of untruths portrayed. We as Christians say AMEN when we hear the truth, When the devil gets folks to follow his subtle suggestions, he responds saying "GOT 'EM"!!!


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