Get Out Of Here Franklin Graham,Trump’s Affair With Stormy Daniels Is “Nobody’s Business" You Don't Say!!

This the same Franklin Graham who wrote in a 1998 opinion piece for the Wall Street Journal: “If [Bill Clinton] will lie to or mislead his wife and daughter, those with whom he is most intimate, what will prevent him from doing the same to the American public?

”Evangelist Franklin Graham, who questioned President Obama‘s Christianity and said his agenda was “against Christ and against His teachings,” takes a completely different approach when it comes to Donald Trump.


  1. Ms. Ann. You know how white folks esteem the office of the PRESIDENT (LOL). I think what Graham was saying was TRUMP did not taint the "OVAL OFFICE" by what he did 12 years ago, and Bill Clinton did having that young intern perform fellatio under his desk while he was signing a bill to incarcerate more black folks with his 3 strike rule.

    Personally, all this REPUBLICAN vs DEMOCRAT stuff is SICKENING!

    I read the article, and in my opinion, the writer is GAY. Sorry he/she needs to clean up his/her own life before he can talk about anyone else. I deduced this because of the following said:

    "Not that Graham will say anything about that, because he doesn’t give two shits about what Jesus said when it comes to politics. He just likes the access and power and the hope that Trump will continue appointing right-wing judges who might fulfill his wildest fantasies of making life a living hell for women and LGBTQ people."

    People are so sinful. If someone says something against their lifestyle, they get defensive.

    I know many may not agree with what I say here. But this is my OPINION.

    I believe Proverbs 21:1 " The king's heart is in the hand of the Lord, as the rivers of water: he turneth it whithersoever he will." They are sent by HIM for the punishment of evildoers, and for the praise of them that do well. That's BIBLE!

    1. Anonymous please stop with all the shade throwing, you have taken a swipe at just about every body with that comment. Anybody with any sense know that Franklin Graham is a "White Nationalist" impersonating a Christian.

    2. Ms. Ann. I apologize as it was not my intent to throw any shade. I was just stating my opinion and giving some Bible verse maybe we should consider as Christians.

  2. It is an outright shame before God when some of our preachers refuse to stand against wickedness and unrighteousness!

    1. Thanks Anonymous for the comment. I believe he would sing a different tune if it were an affair with a man. That is the only thing that will turn these “Western Christians” against him. We already know that the rumor he paid one of his jump-off to have abortion, didn't even caused them to bat and eye.

    2. Ms. Ann. I doubt "Western Christians" would turn against TRUMP even if he had a homo relationship. You gotta understand according to them, TRUMP is preaching to the concerns of their hearts (abortion and illegal immigrants), all along aligning himself with Christians like Paula White and Graham and even some Black preachers who hold to conservative values. If he were in a homo relationship before he entered office, he would be pardoned. If he was in one during hos presidency, they would speak against his sin, but still support his polices. The executive order TRUMP signed put more feathers in his CAP. It's politics Ms. Ann. So what he paid for an abortion. It's not going to STOP the crime in Chicago, the DRUGS the CIA allow, the inferior EDUCATION our kids are being indoctrinated with, the attempt to destroy the family, the killing of our young men and women fighting a useless war for years, a corrupt justice system, chaos caused by groups like METOO and BLACKLIVES Matters, the murder of Palestinians in Gaza, the many wars on the AFRICA continent, etc. The devil wants us to focus on political parties (very little difference between the two) while along as prince of the air, he seeks hard to DESTROY all MANKIND. That's my OPINION! No offense. The ONLY cure corrupt politics, wars and rumors of wars, hunger, and all the WORLD's PROBLEMS is JESUS. He promises to FIX all this CRAP!


  4. Let me make myself clear, comments posted attacking the Obama's will be removed. Obama White House has been ‘historically free of scandal'.


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