For decades, this community has been prohibiting non-Christians from purchasing homes.

This is exactly the kind of thing that give Christians a bad name, Jesus would have never excluded people, we are to love and encourage not turn away. ( You Can Read It Here )

The town of Bay View established rules back in the 1940s that said if you wanted to own a home there, two requirements must be met: You have to be a Christian (and prove it with a letter from a pastor), and you have to be white. In the ‘50s, the town dropped the racist part, but has maintained that only Christians can live in there.

The small town's residents remain divided over the controversial bylaw which requires a statement of faith to purchase, or even inherit, property.


  1. I'm trying to wrap my finger around all this. It appears this community had lots of issues against blacks. They seemed to have gotten rid of the racial part of their problems. Now it appears members are suing because of personal reasons. I'm not sure their selfishness is validated because they knew the rules when they signed the contract - members had to be Christians proven by their activities in church. This private club established their own by laws. I'm not sure Christianity should take a big knock here. The racism was definitely wrong. But as a private club, I think okay to have criterion for membership as long as it's legal and godly.

  2. This is blatant housing discrimination and is against federal law. The only reason why they're not still banning blacks is because they can't get away with it. But if they could, they would!! This lawsuit is way over due as they shouldn't be able to get away with banning non-Christians either. Time's up folks!

  3. This is STRICKLY Prohibited by The US government.

    They tried to keep the race Element quiet by restricting the community to “Christians” (wink, wink ⚪️ ❄️ 🤚).
    They aren’t fooling anybody.

    I am glad the people of the Community stood up a filed a lawsuit against this archaic policy.
    Because had this been any other religion trying to prevent others from entering or even inheriting homes in their community, our Government would have shut it down with the quickness.

  4. The people filing the lawsuit are not doing so because of discrimination against Blacks. Black folks made their choice not to go there because they did not want to afford it. They filed the suit because the want to make sure their heathen relatives can obtain ownership as an inheritance. I say good for this community to establish godly rules. That way they keep out the likes of perverts and degenerates who we know will protest just to prove a point and spread their filth along the way. This place is a private club striving for cleanliness, and I pray God honors their stance.

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