Following Weeks Of Controversy, The Southern Baptist Seminary President's Paige Patterson, 15-year Tenure Has Officially Come To An End.

Y'all I saw this coming from miles away. Following 13-hour trustee meeting, Southwestern Seminary trustees appoint Paige Patterson president emeritus effective immediately. Following a month in a media firestorm after his comments on abused women surfaced. 

After a 13-hour meeting on Tuesday that stretched into the early hours of the next morning, the seminary’s trustees made a few announcements in minutes, including Patterson’s new position and that the interim president would be offered to Jeffrey Bingham, dean of the seminary’s school of theology. Patterson was not in the final meeting when this was announced. 

The meeting also addressed two other points that came out of the Patterson controversy. While the trustees met on Tuesday, The Washington Post published an article alleging that Patterson told a woman who said she’d been raped not to report it to police and to forgive her assailant. 

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  1. Now if they can get rid of all those racist like jeffiers and graham, they might be making some progress.

  2. I personally believe this is another attempt to destroy heterosexual men and patriarchy in society and the world. It's like every time you look up, there is news about some powerful heterosexual figure allegedly accused of abuse, many women claimed happened to them over decades before. Even here we are talking about allegations that took place on 2003. Really? Give me a break! And let me just say I don't ever think anyone should suffer any form of abuse. You hardly ever hear about sexual abuse against boys, or even worse, the sexual abuse that takes place among gays. From May 1989 through 1990, 1,001 adult homosexual and bisexual men attending sexually transmitted disease clinics were interviewed regarding potentially abusive sexual contacts during childhood and adolescence. Thirty-seven percent of participants reported they had been encouraged or forced to have sexual contact before age 19 with an older or more powerful partner; 94% occurred with men. Why is not this NEWS boys are being abused by women? Why is it not in the NEWS the abuse that takes place among gays? Because Satan loves powerful and feminist women who turns out innocent boys. He loves homosexuals and could care less they rupture one another. He is ALWAYS willing to give them a pass.

    But let a masculine and proud men ie Bill Cosby or Sylvester Stallone or Congressman John Conyers or Russell Simmons or Tom Brokow, Charlie Rose or this powerful religious man Pastor Paige Patterson blink with any type allegation, and the METOO MOVEMENT gals will come out like a bunch of a roaches to protest LOUDLY they had been violated. The devil hates masculinity, fathers, and head of households. He will do whatever it takes to destroy these roles in society and the world.

  3. They are coming after Morgan Freeman.

  4. Ole white gal said Morgan tried to lift up her dress and asked if she had on underwear. Now 16 other females are yelling ME TOO. This man is same age as Bill Cosby. Like I said nothing is said when these gays perform perverted actions of undeniable abuse and harrassment.

    1. Stop with the foolishness, this doesn’t have any thing to do with the gay community, so why drag them into this?

  5. Not dragging. If abuse occurs, report all of it.


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