Dr. Samuel Rodriguez, Speaks A Prophetic Word Over Bishop Elect Marvin Winans!

Perfecting Fellowship International (Bishop-Elect Marvin Winans ) are having their annual Holy Convocation this week. You are welcomed to join them via LIVE Stream for a nominal donation of $20 per service or $150 for the week which is asked in support for the streaming.

Anyhow, Tuesday night Bishop-Elect Marvin Winans received a prophetic word from Dr. Samuel Rodriguez, which set the house on fire and cause Bishop-Elect Winans to go down under the anointing.

check out the clip below from Tuesday night, that big man went down:


  1. "There is a deposit from heaven...it will define you... it's not the past but what's coming."

    What is this man talking about. All the vagueness, nothing like the prophets of the Bible. I'm sorry y'all, but this is NOTHING BUT witchcraft using the power of suggestion to get the audience to fall in line with the program agenda and purpose of this conference. And that is to collect their money and have it divided among the sheisters in the back room. Marvin may testify next year his life is better because he has gotten a few more tax free dolars in his pocket. LOL.

    1. I agree. I do not take any vague prophecies.
      God is direct and to the point.
      If they can't speak directly to it then don't speak around it.

  2. Sigh...where to begin?

    First, that dude reminds me of Basie Skanks on Greenlef.

    Second, what was so fire-inducing about his so-called "prophetic word"?

    Finally, they sound like Dr. Earl Carter with that "support me so my stream can remain on the air" nonsense. Anyone and their great-grandma can do a live stream for free these days.

    Boy, I swear...

  3. Just a question. Some many conferences, workshops etc. Always some type of fee. Are there ever any of these things that are free of charge?

    1. Y’all it’s all about the Benjamin’s! I can’t comment any further on this money scheme Ponzi deceiving gullible people convocation. All this is about to come to a screeching halt! People are going to be looking for these shady preachers when the calamity hits. It’s a travesty! Itching ears has lead to this! Peopleeeeeee, please get in your Word for yourselves! You want a Word? Here it is, read, read, and study! His Word is your Word! Help us Jesus!!!!! I understand like never before, why He said, His people are destroyed for the lack of knowledge!

    2. It really bothers me these fake tongues. Marvin should be a shame of himself. smh

  4. Nothing to see folks, keep it moving, same ole same ole.....


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