Congratulations H.B. Charles Jr, Honored with the Doctor of Divinity!

In honor of his faithful gospel ministry, Dr. John MacArthur bestowed the Doctor of Divinity upon Pastor H.B. Charles Jr. at the 2018 Commencement Ceremony on May 6, 2018.

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  1. I am wondering the ties between John McArthur and these Black preachers (HB Charles, Dr. Eric Mason, etc). John McArthur has taken a lot of hit from his white brethren for his stance against dispensationalism. Some even say more his teachings the Blood of Christ is not needed to be saves make him a heretic. I used to be an avid follower of John McArthur listening to him on the radio everyday. I am keeping my eyes open with what is going on in the Christian WORD and trying to understand it against Scriptures.

    Maybe McArthur is aligning himself with these Black preachers because they are all of the REFORMED faith. Most of these highly educated Black preachers espouse to the "WOKE" Church, some say leaning more towards a "social" Gospel. I'm not sure what to make of some of this. I do know, however. the Bible is true, and we need to study it deeply so that we would not stray.

    1. The D.D. is an honorary degree, and not earned. H.B. Charles, also, does not have an earned M.Div.

    2. Both Anonymous I don't understand why the negative comments. In my opinion, H.B. Charles' biography is just inspiring the way he was educated to be a minister is amaizing. That's when you realize that God call his labourers and he equip them through informal education and formal education as well. His story is the less common one of informal education in the church. It's just amaizing.

    3. H.B. Charles does not have a bachelor's degree as well. He will tell you that he only has a high school diploma. He proves that you don't need degrees to faithfully handle the scriptures.

  2. Ms. Ann. Maybe I don't understand what you mean by negativity. I am only responding as my little brain can comprehend. It is never my intent to offend anyone. Everyone has their perspective on different issues.


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